LDN Graffiti.


Stickers are a constant form of interest. I try to photograph as many as i find, from lamp posts to public toilets, they appear everywhere.

Bronk.Sticker Artists A-Z

LDNGraffiti has had an overhaul and painstakingly searched the database to create new listings of Sticker Artists found in and around London...

Stickerbomb Skate.New: WIN Stickerbomb Skate - 150 Classic Skateboard Stickers from Studio Rarekwai

The new book published by Laurence King celebrates one of the most influential and prolific of all sticker scenes: Skateboard stickers.

Zime and Space3.SOL Crew and Space3

Eindhoven, Zime, Space3...
Signs of life and Space3, with their graphic style, are slowly sticking their way all over the world.

Fuck Barclays.London Stickers - #002

Dick Chicken, DTA, Pic, Public Spirit...
A new set of stickers found around town. A recent spat on Boris' Barclays Bikes has been quite amusing...

Eelus.London Stickers - #001

Art of Asbestos, Dave White, Eelus, Hackney Bat, Public Spirit...
A selection of stickers found in and around London..

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