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Hello, my name is...

Who knows who first took a name badge and slapped it on the street rather than their sweater. Perhaps someone got bored at a 'meet & greet' way back when?

First introduced by C-Line Products in 1959, name badges are a recurring theme in sticker art with many stickers spotted along the way.

Celebrating its 61st anniversary, LDNGraffiti asked C-Line for a comment...

"We never dreamed that the HELLO badge we introduced in 1959 would be so wildly successful. It is instantly recognized and has been duplicated throughout the world." - James Krumwiede, C-Line President, CEO & Chairman of the Board.

 “C-Line is proud that the “Hello my name is” badge we introduced 61 years ago has been embraced around the globe and continues to be a customer favorite.” - Jennifer Krach, Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

Find out more about C-Line Products, place an order, and say HELLO!

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More of the classic stickers were up for grabs!

The #HelloLDNCompetition is now closed!

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