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What's it all about?

LDNGraffiti is an ongoing photographic documentary of graffiti and street art in London.

We aim to:

  • Make LDN great again!
  • Showcase creative endeavours in London, and beyond
  • Collate up-to-date, related media and events
  • Present exclusive content, with relevant context
  • Do more stuff...

Follow the five elements of LDN – #5LDNMNTS

  • Art
  • Photography
  • Technology
  • London
  • Life

The LDN website

Originally launched in 2010 by Joeppo, with help from TonyO, LDNGraffiti V1 ran to 2019…

This is LDNGraffiti V2!

Featuring 92,500+ of Joe's photos, the LDN website has been completely rebuilt in every aspect and provides much more related content using a simple-yet-rich user experience 👍

It has been a tremendous technical task, with over two years of dedicated development, pedantic planning, and passionate production… We love it!

The LDN team

Joe Eppo, Passionate Producer – Founder
Born in London (UK) and working as a digital designer.

"The artwork I see, and the photography I take in and around London is an inspiration to me. It breaks the visual monotony instilled in the concrete streets I experience on an everyday basis."

Bram Ueffo, Genius Developer
Born in The Hague (NL) and working as a development consultant.

"Never ever tell me again that it's not possible." ... "F*ck the rules."

Pojo, Executive Consultant
Born in London (UK) and working as a graphic designer.

"Fuck Boris."

We do not condone or take part in any form of vandalism, trespass, or criminal damage to public or private property. All the photos taken are legally accessible.

Other stuff

LDNGraffiti recieves no external funding or sponsorship. It is hand-built, created entirely with our own personal investment, passion and dedication.

We hope you find some kind of appreciation for LDNGraffiti!

CV / Portfolio:

Ebury Press - Penguin Books, Gravitywell - Apple Store, Channel Four, BBC - TV, Radio, and Worldwide, ITV, 5Live, RTHK, national press, online & offline media, artist website support, and more...

Stuff we use:

Sony and Canon cameras, Apple Computers, Adobe and Microsoft software, Pimcore DB, ElasticSearch, Flex HTML-CSS, GitLab, JPEGMini, DiskDrill, TextEdit, and more...