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A sweet freebie from Sticker Mule & LDNGraffiti

The search for the LDN Sticker Mule is over!

Sticker Mule makes great custom stickers​, so we created a competition to WIN £20 free credit for your own kick ass designs! ✨

One photo on the LDNGraffiti website was customised – A cheeky Sticker Mule was hanging around, waiting to be found...

Sneaky finders WON £20 store credit from Sticker Mule! ✨

The LDN Sticker Mule competition closed 31/12/20 – There were only two people who solved the clues, found the LDN Sticker Mule, and will recieve £20 free credit from Sticker Mule –  Well done to them 👏 Sorry if you couldn't find it, try harder next time!

All you had to do was:

  1. 1) Find the Sticker Mule overlayed on a random photo in the LDNGraffiti photo archive…
  2. 2) Follow the Sticker Mule's instructions when you find it!

Here’s the clues (and answers) to the LDN Sticker Mule's whereabouts...

CLUE 1/5 – The LDN Sticker Mule is in giant company, a street art tribute to icons & geniuses
ANSWER: Street art tributes by Jim Vision - 01/06/12

CLUE 2/5 – One a fantastical artist, one a beast of a buddhist, & one a master of his kind
ANSWERStreet art tributes by Jim Vision - 01/06/12

CLUE 3/5 – One a creator of fantasy, flowing from page to silver screen, the street, & beyond

CLUE 4/5 – One a master of ceremonies by nature, a true beast in the game

CLUE 5/5 – The one to set the world alight, & his guitar


  • Did you notice this page has been changing?
  • Browse the artist A-Z’s, or use keywords in the search and hunt through the results!
  • Combine as many keywords as you like! ‘East London Street Art’ for instance...
  • Try themes too, like ‘Animals’, or ‘Music’. There’s 100’s of keywords in the database 🤓
  • View by photo, not by piece! ...Did you notice the little boxes?
  • Browse the blog pages, you may just stumble upon it!
  • Keep an eye on updates to the #LDNStickerMule Instagram story/highlight too, it's building up steadily! ... Listen to the music, the tracks are clues too 😉

Terms and Conditions:

  • 20 x £20 prize store credits are available from Sticker Mule. These will be awarded on a 'first come, first served' basis. Once they are won, this competition will close
  • Competition deadline extended to 31/12/2020, and is open to anyone around the world.
  • Winner details will be passed on to Sticker Mule only, not stored by LDNGraffiti, and not used for any other purposes. We don’t do spam!
  • One entry per user. Winners will need to open a free account with Sticker Mule. Once the account is confirmed, £20 credit will be awarded
  • LDN accepts no responsibility if you win and sign up with Sticker Mule. We’re just here to help you get some free cool custom stuff
  • No mules have been hurt, mistreated, or endangered for the LDN Sticker Mule competition