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Street Art Fine Art

Street Art Fine Art presents a collection of classic works of fine art by the old masters reinterpreted by 17 world renowned street artists in Dulwich, South London.

Street art meets old masters on London streets

Street Art Fine Art presents a collection of classic works of fine art by the old masters reinterpreted by today's most cutting-edge street artists. In this book, curator Ingrid Beazley draws parallels between classic and contemporary styles; showcasing how works from the Dulwich Picture Gallery's permanent collection by painters such as Rembrandt, Rubens, Gainsborough, Van Dyke, Poussin and Murillo have influenced works by street artists working in the local area such as Stik, ROA, REKA, RUN, Phlegm, Pablo Delgado, Conor Harrington and MadC.

Featuring works by 17 world renowned street artists, illustrated with specially commissioned colour photography throughout with a unique printed PVC jacket, this book is one of a kind.

"Having seen Stik's interpretations, I see so much more in Gainsborough." – Ellen, walking tour participant.

You might assume that a typical fan of street art is not as keen on 17th and 18th century old master paintings, and vice versa. But it was Ingrid Beazley's belief that if the street art lover could be persuaded to enter the nationally-renowned Dulwich Picture Gallery, they would be converted; perhaps start to broaden their opinions about artwork and creativity. Likewise if the generally older generation, who have probably only ever heard of one street artist - Banksy - and think of street art as vandalism, could be shown murals by some of the world's most exciting street artists, they would come to respect this new international art movement.

In this completely original and intelligent project, international street artists, organised by Richard Howard Griffin of Street Art London and the Howard Griffin Gallery, have painted walls and pavements of Dulwich with their radical interpretations of some of the world's best-loved classical paintings: from Christ Carrying the Cross to The Massacre of the Innocents, The Linley Sisters and The Triumph of David. Street Art Fine Art presents the artworks from conception to completion, through the various stages of development.

Beazley's achievement in making this very public connection between the two artistic styles is unique. Raising important and fascinating questions about our attitude to how art is viewed and disseminated, Street Art Fine Art showcases a truly trailblazing venture.
Events connected to Street Art Fine Art

Street Art Fine Art has been published just before the Dulwich Festival 2014, during which author Ingrid Beazley will be giving a talk and documentary screening about this fantastic project (14th May), open to the public. Ingrid will also be giving a street art/fine art walk around the area during the Dulwich festival on 17th May.

LDNGraffiti review

Street Art Fine Art bridges boundaries set by the art establishments to define what art is, and what it can be. The old master works are certainly impressive paintings, and the skill and technique employed by the great masters themselves is undeniable. To see how the 'street artists' have interpreted the works is a unique insight into their processes, and the master works themselves.

The presentation of the photography, and commentary alongside from both the street artists and Ingrid, flow very well and the large format really does convey the depth of the old masters artworks. There's some great shots of the street works in progress, the details, and final street pieces themselves are displayed alongside the original 'master work' allowing direct comparison with the original.

Overall Street Art Fine Art is an impressive document of the Dulwich Street Art Festival, 'Baroque the Streets', and the Dulwich Picture Gallery. The collection of work by the old masters is impressive in itself, along with a line-up of great street artists from around the world. This book is a unique compilation of the street works in Dulwich, and a studied view of the processes involved.

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