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What is LDNGraffiti all about?

Originally launched 01/08/2010, LDNGraffiti is an ongoing photographic documentary of graffiti, and street art in London produced by Joeppo, with initial development support from TonyO.

Relaunched 02/02/2020, with the dev-dedication of Bram Ueffo, LDNGraffiti V2 now features 105,230 of Joeppo's photos. Rebuilt in every aspect to deliver dynamic related content through a simply styled user interface 👍✨

It has been a tremendous technical achievement with over five years dedicated development, pedantic planning, and ongoing passionate production… From the start, we love it!

We aim to:

  • Showcase creative endeavours in London and beyond
  • Present exclusive content with relevant context
  • Collate related media and events
  • Do more stuff!

Who are LDNGraffiti?

Joeppo: Digital Designer, Photographer, Producer and Founder
Born in London, UK.

"The artwork I see, and the photography I take in and around London is an inspiration to me. It breaks the visual monotony instilled in the concrete streets I experience on an everyday basis."

Bram Ueffo: Genius Developer and Technical Consultant
Born in Den Haag, NL.

"Never ever tell me again that it's not possible." ... "F*ck the rules."

Pojo: Executive Design Consultant
Born in London, UK.

"Fuck Boris."

CV / Portfolio:

  • London Graffiti and Street Art – Ebury Press / Penguin Random House
  • Graffiti Wars – Channel 4
  • The Banksy London Tour – Gravitywell
  • BBC TV, Worldwide, and Radio
  • ITV, 5Live / London Live, RTHK
  • National press and culture media: online and offline
  • Exhibitions including 'London Walls' at the ICA and 'Take To The Streets' in Shoreditch
  • Independent artist support and collaboration
  • More stuff...

Stuff we use

Sony and Canon cameras, Apple computers, Adobe and Microsoft software, Pimcore Database, ElasticSearch, Flex HTML-CSS, GitLab, JPEGMini, DiskDrill, TextEdit, and more...

Other stuff

LDNGraffiti recieves no external funding or sponsorship. It is hand-built, created entirely with our own personal investment, passion and dedication.

No commercial advertising – LDNGraffiti is free and always will be.

Let's make LDN great again!


LDNOTE: We do not condone or take part in any form of vandalism, trespass, or criminal damage to public or private property. All the photos taken are legally accessible.