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100 UK Graffiti Artists

100 of the UK’s top writers and street artists, immerse yourself in the styles, past and present.

Frank Malt aka ‘Steam156’, started as a graffiti writer in 1984 and has since documented graffiti and street art not only in The UK but around the world. He has written about this art form with great passion and continues to do so to this day.

"Opening the covers of this new book will dazzle you with the work of 100 of the UK's top ‘writers’ and street artists and will immerse you in styles past and present which make UK street art so great. Upon its arrival in from New York during the 1980’s, graffiti rapidly spread throughout the UK infecting the youth like a stylistic virus. From the early days came names that would become part of UK writing legend such as Mode2, Zaki Dee 163, Choci Roc, Goldie and Robbo. Alongside the works of these pioneers we sweep across the whole of Great Britain from these early times to the present with its more advanced technical graffiti, wheat pasting and stencilling; the new media on the street. This collection includes works by Aroe, Skore, Xens and Kem, Mef and more.

Guiding us through the review is ‘Steam 156’, who was there at the start and is still as passionate as ever. Graffiti lovers from around the world will be thrilled with this new book."

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