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Banksy vs Robbo – 'Turf War' Timeline

From 1985 onwards, here's a sequential timeline of each piece along Regents Canal in London by graffiti pioneer King Robbo and street artist Banksy.

ROBBO UPDATE: 01/08/2014
After three years in a coma, suffering a tragic accident, London's graffiti king sadly passed away. Robbo 484 will live on forever in our hearts and minds. To King Robbo, London graffiti pioneer.


1985 Robbo: Robbo Inc
2009? Robbo and more: Found on the internet...
19/12/2009 Banksy: Wallpaperer / Global Warming / Fisher Boy / Aristocrat
25/12/2009 Team Robbo: King Robbo
15/01/2010 Team Robbo: Street Cred
25/01/2010 Team Robbo: I Don’t Believe In War / Banksy La Rat
01/04/2010 Banksy: FucKing Robbo / Roller Stork / No Fishing / Bond Rat
08/04/2010 Team Robbo: King Robbo / Messiah / Vote Robbo / Shoe Shine Sir?
16/07/2010 Unknown: Die
13/08/2010 Buffed by Banksy?: Painted Black / Global Wipeout / Buffed Boy
26/09/2010 Team Robbo: Top Cat / Global No Balls / Robbo Dub / Banksy La Rat
15/01/2011 Banksy: Fish For Freedom / Buffed Rat (Camden Council?)
19/01/2011 Banksy: Chair For Freedom
21/02/2011 Cartrain & Vagabond: Vagabond Cartrain + Oscar
15/03/2011 Team Robbo: Cosa
10/11/2011 Banksy: King Robbo Inc.
24/12/2011 Team Robbo: King Robbo, Think. 1985
12/07/2012 Banksy: King Robbo Inc. (Revealed)
11/08/2013 Taffy: Taffy Tag
23/02/2014 Unknown / Banksy: Tags / 'Keep A Candle Lit For The King'
01/08/2014 WRH: Rest In Piece King Robbo, London Graffiti Pioneer
01/08/2019 WRH: Rest In Piece King Robbo, London Graffiti Pioneer

Thanks to Team Robbo and for assisting with the date estimations.