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  • Date: 29/10/21 – 12/12/21

ArtSect Gallery presents Goddesses of the Future, an exhibition by the WOM Collective.

Goddesses of the Future merges two worlds, both the physical and the digital, creating an unique and immersive show that creates an awareness for the future, fostering new and impactful conversations regarding how we connect with current environments and with each other.

How do you envision the Goddess figures in 300 years?
We find ourselves in a space and time where digital seems to be our definite future; are NFT's just a momentary fad or are they here for the long run?

Wom is a grassroots collective of London based female street artists passionate about inspiring and empowering each other and our communities. Wom create a space and opportunities for artists to perform, exhibit and sell their artwork.

The WOM Collective: Carleen de Sozër, Lours, Elno, Lespleen, Vane MG, Maria Linares Freire, Sweetheart, 7th Pencil, Damitta, Apparan, Mar & Levi Naidu-Mitchell, curated by Aude Landrieu and the founders of Wom Collective.

This collective is dedicated to empowering HER-story through creative expression, bringing opportunities for meaningful human connection, joy and positivity.

Art Installation: James Kennelly (@renegadefabricators)
Digital Gallery Design and Build:
Music and Sound Design: MAYA.

Typeone design and create immersive environments. WOM's Typeone Realities Space is a liminal underwater temple, inspired by real world historical spring temple sites. Taking this concept of water as health giving feminine energy, this fluidity reflects the transient nature of street art. AQUAE WOM is a virtual reality experience for Browser and Headset, an infinite space for reflection on sacred thoughts and intentions –

ArtSect Gallery is a phygital NFT dedicated exhibition space with the mission to promote and facilitate creative processes using web3 technologies. It was founded with a decentralised and collaborative approach to foster culture and dialogue between communities. The curatorial ethos involves community building, gallery takeovers, creative collectives and solo artists. ArtSect takes the shape of its projects and collaborations, becoming a catalyst for physical and virtual innovation.

LOCATION: ArtSect Gallery, #Unit 24, 38-40 Upper Clapton Road, London, E5 8BQ