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Shoreditch #1 - 11/04/21

Stickers, Graffiti and Street Art found in Shoreditch by Pojo, LDNGraffiti, Helch, Enamo, NFA, Ghost 9652, Mono, Dahkoh, DRT London, Dark Evil, Neon Savage, Taxed, Adrian Boswell, The White Rose, Sweet Heart, Mez, Only, Ghost Writers, Fat Cap Sprays, Fuer, GHZ, 2Rise, Yale, Vasko, P2ee, Frank Riot, Luap, Reves, Sell Out, Bento Ghoul, JohnnyHowlClub, Wendy, Nosf, Heato, ITS, KamLaurene, Dr Gee, Wets, Qwert, Snag, Anoe.
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