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Shoreditch - 02/09/20

Street Art, Graffiti and Stickers found in Shoreditch by Unify, Morag Myerscough, Daddy Street Fox, Woof Original, Fatso, JPT, Dize, Vade, Dkae, Lone, Noriaki, Gerno, John Dolan & George the Dog, Qwert, Corp, Wesa, UK Frontline, TGB, Steel, Jstce, Abuse, SubDude, Orrible, Dark Evil, Benjamin Irritant, Donk, Ghost 9652, Sell Out, Dr Cream, 2Rise, Sworne, Rasp, Extinction Rebellion, MadC, Skewville, Mowcka, 4Get, Gert, My Pen Leaks, Luke Smile, Yaq21, Time, Please, Stik, Thierry Noir.
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