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Banksy vs Team Robbo

Last updated: 01/08/2014 – The original, complete document of all the 'turf war' pieces and subsequent responses from both Banksy and Team Robbo.

On 19/12/2009 street artist Banksy adapted a piece of graffiti, painted in 1985 by London graffiti pioneer Robbo in Camden. It was a catalyst for the ensuing 'turf war' between the two artists...

Robbo Inc. 1985

Robbo's piece lay beneath the British Transport Police HQ in London for years until it was adapted by Banksy late in 2009, 'Wallpapergate' was (perhaps) a response to Robbo's quote in the book London Hand Styles. It was certainly a spark for the ensuing spat...

Global Warming

Banksy made a witty comment on global warming only to have Robbo cleverly adapt his original message. The 'war' continued... It was buffed, but Team Robbo returned...

Fisher Boy

Another unique Banksy piece, adapted by Robbo. Banksy promptly reinstated it, only for Robbo to return. Cutting comments made, it was finally completely buffed.


One of Banksy's signature rats poised for more trouble. This piece was adapted by Team Robbo, and then again by Banksy, only to have Team Robbo return, then finally buffed...

Others pieces in London

After 'Wallpapergate', many Banksy pieces around London were adapted by Robbo. The collective 'Team Robbo' also took up the mantle to ensure the message is clear.

Banksy vs Robbo - Full 'Turf War' Timeline

From 1985 onwards, here's a sequential timeline of each piece along Regents Canal.

Banksy vs Robbo – Timeline

Many thanks to CitrusTopnoteJr, Nolionsinengland @, and Ian Laurie for photo-contributions, and big thanks to London Hand Styles and Team Robbo for their help and input.

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