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The Art of D*Face: One Man & His Dog

978 1 7806 7277 9 / Laurence King.
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The Art of D*Face: One Man & His Dog published by Laurence King in November 2013 is the long-awaited monograph showing the development of D*Face’s career as an artist to date.


D*Face has been a leading figure in urban art for well over a decade. A contemporary of Banksy, he is at the forefront of the urban art movement and has had a constant presence throughout its meteoric rise into popular culture.

This book encompasses his continuing street work and the path that led him from the early beginnings of the street art genre to multiple sell-out solo exhibitions around the world. Containing previously unseen images of his working processes and studio as well as firsthand anecdotes and the stories behind his extraordinary work, the book provides an insider’s view of one of Britain’s most important urban artists.

Featured projects include: The Ridiculous Pool (2011), created by a crew of skateboarders skating in an empty swimming pool with remote controlled spray cans attached to the underside of their boards, The Zombie Oscars (2010), made up of superhero-sized sculptures of Oscars revealling an inner rotten core being placed around LA, and Giant Concrete Spraycans (2008) popping up all over London.

"I’d rather people hate my work than find it nice. Nice implies mediocrity and a lack of tenacity – You don’t love it and you wouldn’t care if you lost it. I’d rather upset and annoy; I’d rather be that stone in your shoe." D*Face

There will be a launch and exhibition of D*Face’s work at The StolenSpace Gallery, London E1, on 14th November. A limited number of special editions of the book, complete with box and signed print, will be available on the night.

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