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For a long time, acid-etch, chisel tip, drip, mops, scratchie, sharpie, stainer, white-pen, and many more types of graffiti tag have left one-line calligraphic handstyles on any and every surface available; from black books, walls and doors, to your face?!

Handstyles are a foundation of graffiti writing and 'tagging' goes way back. People will continue to write their name on things forever.

Etymology references the latin 'Graffito', and the greek 'Graphene/Graphi' – 'To write.' …Also, apparently, 'Graffiti' exists in ancient American, Egyptian, and most cultures…

"A tag is the most basic writing of an artist's name; it is simply a handstyle." Wikipedia

Following the original 'graffiti writers'; Cornbread and Taki183, the many who 'catch a reach', continue to write with discipline and tradition.

Yet, 'Tagging' is one of the contentious forms of modern graffiti. Most hate it (or don't understand it), and consider it a blight on a city with the perpertrators prosecuted if caught.

However and regardless, remaining a constant in our urban environment, many countries around the world have developed a culture of graffiti writing, developing unique lettering and handstyle forms... (Check out MadC's book - Street Fonts).

Here's some LDN photos tagged with #tag... This page updates as new photos are added to the site, right, 'write' ... 🙄