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Meeting of Styles UK

MOSUK is part of the International Meeting of Styles Festival held annually in various cities around the world. Showcasing some of the best artists from the UK and beyond, the London event has been organised by EndoftheLine since 2009. Here are some photos from past events (2018 back to 2009).

Meeting of Styles, London – 2018

Pedley Street, Allen Gardens and the Nomadic Community Gardens were 'taken over' throughout the weekend jam.

Meeting of Styles, London – 2017

After a break, the organisers opened more walls along the train track and Allen Gardens dramatically changing the drab grey space. These walls are now painted almost every day!

Meeting of Styles, London – 2015

Once again on the 'waste-land', the event brought together many diverse artists, this time slightly more compact and focused around Allen Gardens and Pedley Street.

The Nomadic Community Gardens were set up after this event, providing an ongoing social space for the local community and an established hub for street art.

Meeting of Styles, London – 2014

Relocating back to Shoreditch, before the nomadic gardens, the old waste-land near Allen Gardens was finally opened up with the main wall/bridge-end being the centre piece for a massive collaboration featuring Gent, Odisie, Vibes, Twesh and more.

A few other local walls were also included spreading the event over Shoreditch and immeasurably enhancing the 'Street Art Tours' scene.

Meeting of Styles, London – 2011

The second event in Holloway brought together lots of international writers who transformed the space over the two day event. As far as I know, a few of these pieces are still there today!

Meeting of Styles, London – 2010

Stepping it up, EndoftheLine moved to a new location in Holloway, North London. The new estate featured some great walls and provided dedicated space for artists and crews to work on some great collaborations.

Meeting of Styles, London – 2009

The first event was a street jam, just before the relentless development of Sclater Street, the surrounding block, and old car park. The developers allowed writers and artists to paint the boards over two weekends. The pieces didn't last too long, but in someways this event was an instigator for gaining wider permission for artists in the local area.

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