LDN Graffiti.

Events updated - 20/09/2018

Listings of graffiti and street art related events, exhibitions and more in London...

ROA.ROA at Stolenspace

Opens 20/09/18 - Returning to StolenSpace for his third takeover of the gallery, ROA will be creating on site a fresh cohort of Bestia Animalibus.

Half Cut.Trapped in Zone One Presents Half Cut

20/09/18 to 30/11/18 - Keeping in theme with our 'Just Type' project, Trapped in Zone One presents a new typographic exhibition 'Half Cut' in West Hampstead

Montys Bar.Perspicere X Ant.Dimaio - Shards

20/09/18 to 27/09/18 - Montys Bar Brick Lane presents an exhibition of sculpture and illustration exploring shattered geometry, broken shards and twisted lines

Skeletoncardboard.Not in Use - solo show by Skeletoncardboard

20/09/18 to 07/10/18 - BSMT Space will reopen in style this September with a solo show of the one and only Skeletoncardboard.

From Nope To Hope.From Nope To Hope

Show runs to 23/09/18 - 'From Nope to Hope' is a celebration of creativity and resistance in these politically turbulent times.

Jealous GalleryJealous Needs You - 2018

03/10/18 - Group shows at Shoreditch - Saatchi - Crouch End galleries, London.

Moniker Art Fair.Moniker International Art Fair

04/10/18 to 07/10/18 - Moniker Art Fair will welcome the world's collectors and art lovers to a four-day festival in celebration of Urban and New Contemporary art in East London.

Free Art Friday.Free Art Friday - London Takeover

05/10/18 - To begin the celebrations of 1 decade of Monty's Bar we are organising the biggest Free Art Friday event of all time.

Skulls and Bones.Skulls And Bones

05/10/18 - The second monthly event by the Art House Project Collective at Number177 Bar in the heart of Hoxton.

Stour space.What Lies Beneath?

11/10/18 to 14/10/18 - What lies beneath? This question brings up ideas about a basic human fear...

Conor Harrington.'The Story Of Us And Them' - Conor Harrington

Show runs to 12/10/18 - A new series of paintings by the Irish-born, London-based artist Conor Harrington.

Dscreet.'Top 40 Covers' by DSCREET

18/10/18 to 01/11/18 - BSMT Space presents the new solo show 'Top 40 Covers' by DSCREET.

Darren Cullen.Darren Cullen (Spelling Mistakes Cost Lives)

Opens 09/11/18 - Darren Cullen's (aka Spelling Mistakes Cost Lives) new solo exhibition at WAR Gallery.

Outsider Gallery London.OUTSIDER GALLERY

Based in North London hospital settings delivering therapeutic interventions within the gallery specialising with mental health and related issues.

Pure Evil.Pure Evil Department Store

Open until further notice - "Selfridges just selling fridges? C'mon..." Check out Pure Evils' Department Store before it's all gone!