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Pez – 22 Years Smiling with Friends

StolenSpace Gallery is excited to present the new summer group exhibition, ‘22 Years Smiling with Friends’, by Pez.

Spanish street artist Pez began painting the streets in 1999, creating his signature character of the Fish. This character comes from the experimentation and the desire to do something constructive on the walls of his city. His alter ego, an always smiling fish, is present in all his works, composed with a colourful palette and accompanied by a load of positivism, a journey full of joy that goes from classic graffiti to experimental pop art.

Pez is now celebrating his 22 years of painting on the streets, sharing it with his street artist friends. This show will feature collaborations on canvas, prints and sculptures.

“In 1999 I started to paint on the Barcelona streets, during all my career I was travelling and making friends with the same passion around the world. During this period I discovered that the most positive experiences of  street art is to share and enjoy with friends, sometimes leaving the ego behind to create a unique piece, only possible when two artists fuse their styles.” – El Pez, 2019.

’22 Years Smiling with Friends’ includes work by: D*face, Buff Monster, Okuda, FlyingFortress, Cranio, Jauneart, Martin Whatson, PichiAvo, Chanoir, Chicadania, Annahita Hessami, Fark, Fanakapan, Mr Cenz, Mau Mau, Mighty Mo, Otto Schade, Ponk, Eject, Ronzo, Cheeba, Jaykaes, Dscreet, Malarky, BRK172