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Small Wonders

Well Hung Gallery announce their first group show in over a year – ‘Small Wonders’, an exhibition of small format artworks.

This is an opportunity for Well Hung to bring together an amazing selection of artists in one-space. With only piece shown by each artist, the show offers a rare opportunity to purchase smaller pieces by well-known names and new talents working across a range of media.

Exhibiting artists:
Alice Colombo, Aida, Andrew Millar, Angela Bell, Anna Laurini, Anna Mac, Annatomix, Ant Carver, Arturo Garcia De Heras, Ben Slow, Benjamin Irritant, Ben Rider, Carl Cashman, Carne Griffiths, Cassandra Yap, Carrie Reichardt, Chloe McCarrick, Clare Halifax, Copyright, Dale Grimshaw, Daisy Emerson, Dan Cimmermann, David Shillinglaw, Donk, Elizabeth Power, Euan Roberts, Ewan David Eason, Frea Buckler, Hannah Admaszek, Heath Kane, Hege, Hello the Mushroom, Hin, Isaac Cordal, James Green, James Klinge, Jim McElvaney, Jo Peel, Joseph Loughborough, Jonathan Lawes, Joni Belaruski, Lee Ellis, Lennie Lee, Luap, Luc Pierre, Mark McClure, Mobstr, Miss Printed, Mick Hutchings, Mr Cenz, Neon Savage, Nick Grindrod, Oli Fowler, Oliver Malin, Otto Schade, Pablo Delgado, Pang, Robert Sample, Rosie Emerson, Roshn, Ronch, Quiet British Accent, Shuby, Simon Kirk, Skeleton Cardboard, Slinkachu, SubDude, Sweet Toof, Tez, Yann Brien, Qwert.