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'FAITH' – Tommy Fiendish

An unflinching reflection of politics and the human condition through the converging aesthetics of modern baroque and street art. Box Galleries is proud to launch FAITH, an important focus on the thrilling and darkly dynamic work of Tommy Fiendish.

Box Galleries has spent the last year sourcing, meeting and selecting new artists to join its existing and extensive stable of artists, and for the very first time, will be shining its spotlight on the very best emerging artistic talent in the UK, the very first being Fiendish himself.

FAITH will be open to the public from 9th - 30th September 2020 with curatorial tours and private appointments with both Fiendish and the gallery available on request. The exhibition will also feature a brand-new set of original works exclusive to Box Galleries, comprising new paintings, signed limited edition prints and a mural painted exclusively for Box Galleries.