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'Fine Line' Group Show

StolenSpace Gallery is thrilled to announce ‘Fine Line’, an exciting group show of over twenty leading artists.

The history of drawing to communicate ideas and feelings can be observed on cave walls since 30,000 B.C. These early artists’ use of line to make a picture is one of the earliest art forms, and has maintained its importance throughout the ages from the stone age, through the Renaissance, right up into the modern contemporary. The allure of the medium is sparked from its transformative quality, with sketches used to draft, inspire, or be the complete finished artworks in themselves.

We are thrilled to now present this pure artistic form in all its variations at StolenSpace. Our ‘Fine Line’ group show will showcase this monotone magic through the work of over 20 leading artists. Often it is in the moments of that immediacy of pencil, pen or graphite onto paper that an artist releases ideas that have otherwise lived in their imagination until that point, freeing them and making them real.

All artists will be contributing their own personal expressions of the medium, whether delicate and intentional, completely mastered as their medium of choice, or revealing the journey from sketch to masterpiece.

Artists participating: Alex Chappell, Murmure Street, Anthony Lister, Nubian, Benjamin Sack, Oker, Bruno Pontiroli, Pete Fowler, BRUSK, Ronzo, David Bray, Ryan Roadkill, D*Face, Teresa Esgaio, Evoka 1, Taku Obata, Kai and Sunny, Usugrow, Ludo, Will Barras, Maye, Yoon Hyup, Miss Van, Zane Prater