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SAKI&Bitches – Everybody's Welcome

New exhibition from SAKI&Bitches at Atom Gallery in London

Born in Japan but London-based, SAKI&Bitches cut her teeth in London’s street-art scene back in 2009, earning a reputation for her hand-painted paste-ups of “buxom and unapologetic” female characters which appeared on walls around Shoreditch. Over the past ten years her style has developed and become much more refined, with meticulously painted portraits on wood and canvas, and delicate pencil drawings referencing sensuality in Japanese culture.

In this exhibition of new work she applies this new style to the hyper-sexualised and provocative themes of her street art - her pin-up girls clutch religious and pop cultural symbols with the confidence and sexuality of manga comics, and beautiful paintings and drawings are
populated by a growing menagerie of seductive horned female devils, monsters and other nocturnal creatures. This is a world in which nothing is sacred - but everybody’s welcome.

The exhibition will run from 8-29th February. There is an opening party - to which everybody's welcome!