LDN Graffiti.

From Nope To Hope

DATE: 15/09/18 to 23/09/18
LOCATION: Brixton Rec, 27 Brixton Station Road, London SW9 8QQ


In August 2018, a third of the work in the Design Museum's Hope to Nope exhibition was withdrawn by the artists. This unprecedented art-world rebellion came in response to the museum hosting a luxury reception for arms dealers.

Now the artists have come back together, to display the works that were removed and other pieces of activist art that confront injustice and aim to make the world a kinder, safer, more just place.

From the iconic 'HOPE' graphic that helped Obama win the US presidency to street art condemning police killings; from posters of popular resistance in Syria to a 40-foot BP sea monster smuggled past British Museum security; from bottles of Sour Brexit to sketches made secretly inside a weapons fair; all the art in this exhibition has been used on the frontlines of social justice struggles around the world to disrupt, resist, satirise and mobilise.

This exhibition includes work by Shepard Fairey, the Guerrilla Girls, Tania Bruguera, Jeremy Deller, Peter Kennard, Gee Vaucher, Jonathan Barnbrook, Milton Glaser, the Occupy movement, Adbusters, Brandalism, Liberate Tate and many more.

This free exhibition has been organised by the #NopeToArms collective of artists.

We are grateful to the curators of the Design Museum's Hope to Nope exhibition, which brought us and our work together in the first place. 'From Nope to Hope' is a celebration of creativity and resistance in these politically turbulent times. We hope it will strengthen the movement for ethical funding of culture and encourage others to use art and design to stand up for what they believe in.

Through this exhibition and related events, we aim to build solidarity between artists, activists and arts professionals challenging the unethical funding models that currently dominate the culture sector, and to emphasise the intersectionality between struggles against arms and oil sponsors, fair pay and conditions for workers, racism and gentrification.

Part of the Brixton Design Trail during the London Design Festival.

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