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Bill Daggs 'A Place That Reeked Of Deja Vu'

DATE: 15/06/18 to 22/06/18
LOCATION: Bomb Factory Art Foundation, Unit 2 Boothby Road, N19 4AJ London


Bill Daggs's debut solo exhibition opening reception evening.

"Possibly memories, maybe fabricated realities – most likely both. Rich in their own mythology while harbouring a wealth of history. Exploring sub-cultures; past and present, experimenting with time travel. Lurking somewhere in the middle of a dream like state and being awake, the trails left behind from hallucinations and that of what lies in between the cracks."

A collection of works made between Dec 17 and June 18 on show at The Bomb Factory Art Foundations exhibition space, running from 15th - 22nd of June - viewings after the opening reception are by appointment only, please contact billdaggs@icloud.com or info@bombfactory.org.uk to arrange a time.

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