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Pam Glew - Nocturnes

DATE: 12/12/17 to 15/02/18
LOCATION: The Exhibitionist Hotel, 8-10 Queensberry Place, London SW7 2EA


The exhibition reveals the new work by British artist Pam Glew. Focusing on alchemy and the maker, the exhibition is mystically titled 'Nocturnes'. Each piece, delicately crafted within a Japanese Kimono, demonstrates Glew's new, complex production techniques that challenge our notions of consumerism verses environmental governance.

Famous for her unique bleaching technique on vintage flags and fabric, antique American quilts, brocade and old jeans that are dyed black and painted freehand with bleach, this show will explore works created in the artist studio over the past 5 years.

Pam Glew's portraits slowly develop in the layering bleaching process resulting in a ghostly image emerging from the fabric. This will be the first time the artist will be showing her Kimono works to the public.

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