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Vandal With Care Art Show - Charlie McFarley and TACOT

DATE: 17/11/17 to 26/11/17
LOCATION: Arch 6 Crucifix Lane, London SE1 3JW


The Underdog is excited to announce and present the first EXCLUSIVE art show by VANDAL WITH CARE featuring urban artists Charlie McFarley & TACOT. Join us for the opening night showcasing original installations, sculptures and limited prints.

VANDAL WITH CARE is a satirical view of contemporary consumerism and the consumption of things, the work is a direct reflection of our appetite for junk food, TV, technology, clothing and literature, where designed obsolescence is part of our culture and readily accepted. There is a concentration on food iconology which is a direct metaphor to our ravenous consumption of things with no substance or sustenance. A reminder that we need to feed our souls as well as our stomachs.

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