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Eelus - Dance Boldly Through The Storm

DATE: 12/10/17 to 28/10/17 (Monday–Saturday).
LOCATION: Lawrence Alkin Gallery, 42 New Compton Street, London WC2H 8DA


Lawrence Alkin Gallery's new show 'Dance Boldly Through The Storm', a solo exhibition of new works by contemporary stencil artist Eelus.

Seeking to evoke familiar discomfort within all of us, this all-new body of work explores the beautiful and often caustic realities of the world, while examining the turbulent nature of modern times.

The exhibition is the artist's first solo in London for 7 years and follows on from his 2016 San Francisco sell out, 'The Dark Side of the Rainbow'.

'Dance Boldly Through The Storm' will feature an all-new body of work incorporating spray paint on canvas, multi-layered wood and paper and, for the first time ever, 3D sculptural pieces created from cold-cast bronze and an exclusive silkscreen print release.

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