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HERAKUT: Sad but happy

DATE: 31/08/17 to 24/09/17
LOCATION: StolenSpace Gallery, 17 Osborn Street, London E1 6TD


StolenSpace Gallery presents 'Sad But Happy' the beautiful new solo show by german artist duo Hera and Akut, known as Herakut.

On the title for the show 'Sad But Happy', the duo stated; 'It fits every single piece, we think, and fits our style in general. Ambivalence. Schizophrenia even. That's us. That's the essence of Herakut.'

This series of new works sees the duo progress with their distinctive and dark style. Depicting children and animals with large emotive eyes, they draw the viewer in to their mysteriously eerie world, making them contemplate the statements scribbled across the canvas and their relationship with the characters in the works.

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