LDN Graffiti.

Addam Yekutieli aka Know Hope: It Took Me Till Now to Find You

DATE: 27/04/17 to 10/06/17
LOCATION: Lazarides Rathbone, 11 Rathbone Place, London W1T 1HR


When you read the words "It took me till now to find you" what is your gut instinct? What do you feel? This Spring renowned Lazarides artist, Addam Yekutieli, or as you may know him, Know Hope, will be taking over our Rathbone gallery with a show titled those exact words: It Took Me Till Now To Find You.

A quote from a powerful letter is what inspired the title, written by a Holocaust survivor contacting her childhood friend. The theme is similar throughout the exhibition, with fragmented replicas of the Segregation Wall hanging in the gallery with texts extracted from letters written by both Palestinians and Israelis laboriously carved into their surface.

Yekutieli's show will feature various mediums, from olive tree roots suspending from the concrete fragments to painting using the dust accumulated by the carving as pigment. All of which highlight the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through their own words through a narrative proposed by Yekutieli.

"This project hopes to communicate the complexities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, while focusing on the image of the wall as an allegory to a shared reality." – Addam Yekutieli