LDN Graffiti.

Blog updates in 2015

Ventures out and about, featuring streets, walls, halls of fame, exhibitions and just about anything found in and around London.

Senor X.London in Context 2015

Contextual pieces and photography of graffiti and street art in London featuring Aida, Sénor X, MOBSTR, LWI, Stika, Run, Moolah, Evol, Amara Por Dios, Dan Kitchener, Jonesy, Vermibus, Zabou, Hope, Dscreet, Fatso, Masai, Invader, Vinie, Fanakapan and more.

Zomby.London Graffiti 2015

Featuring Drax, Acet, Panik, Cos, Zomby, Rate, Yan, Chik, Trane, Met, Crept, Dasr, Pref, Roids, Type, T32, Pad, Faver, Neas, Neoh, Flem, Diet, Skoe, SkyHigh, Snatch, Zaki Dee, InkFetish, Goodchild, Soeta, TRP, Mighty Mo, Jam, Vibes, Rels, Dazer, Meker, Ders, Hozae, Corze, Merc, Tizer, 2Rise, Kaes, Core, Owed, AktOne, Spat, Reach, Dkae, Crok, Hekla, Deft, Dorps, Pubes, Tox, Akit, PIC WRH, Heato, Lurkers, Sterling, Revs and more.

Eine.London Street Art 2015

Featuring 12–B, Dr Zadok, Malarky, Shillinglaw, Eine, Hunto, Irony, Jim Vision, Sliks, Bailon, Jimmy C, Coe One, Party, Thierry Noir, Invader, Shok1, Sweet Toof, Fan, TAG, Nathan Bowen, Amppartto, Himbad, Pure Evil, Sénor X, PichiAvo, Trust.iCon, MOBSTR, 616, Nylon, PINS, Panik, Gnasher, Zabou, Dotmasters, Don, T.Wat, Onesto and more.

Tex.Events and Exhibitions 2015

A few highlights from some of the many exhibitions and events held in London featuring The Battle of Waterloo, Meeting of Styles, The Cult of Rammellzee, Gamma Proforma, Manorism, Rarekind Super Market, Sweet Toof, Drips and Runs, and more.

2015.LDNGraffiti Image Mosaic 2015

462 'Bits from the Blog' selected from 5,494 photos posted in 2015!
All the best for 2016 from LDNGraffiti!

Banksy.The LDN 'Where is Banksy?' Competition

Five pieces in London are possibly by Banksy... Let LDNGraffiti know where you think they are and you might win an LDNGraffiti goody bag! BTW, You can now find the answers in the comments... ;)

12-B.Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers - 25/12/2015

Featuring 12—B, Grey Jam, Grimes, Mazer, Invader, Extinction Symbol, Endless, Weekend Offender, Loretta, Alo, StinkFish, Mazatl, 616, Hasworld, Dale Grimshaw, George the Dog and more.

Snoe.London Graffiti - 25/12/2015

Featuring Jam, Jaya, Cos, Gold Peg, Flem, Dren, Baek, Rate, Zomby, Sate, Chik, Oust, BRK, Ems, Snoe, 2Rise, Core, Kaes, Notch, Hekla and more. Fiona Mercy RIP. King Robbo RIP.

Unga.Central London Walls - 25/12/2015

Featuring Panik, Relay, Pref, Gary, Amara Por Dios, Thierry Noir, Unga BFC, Nathan Bowen and more.

London.East London Walls and Pieces - 25/12/2015

New walls featuring Amppartto, Core, Kaes, Fusca, Mazatl, Vibes, Said Dokins, Also, Stenz, David David, Pant One, Syd, This One, HNRX, Dscreet, Aerone, Ador, Semor, Zabou and more.

Banksy.'The Stinker', Banksy and AK47 - 25/12/2015

Banksy's 'Thinker' has been returned to the people by AK47, after 10 years in hiding it is now located in central London.

Clet Abraham.Clet Abraham - 25/12/2015

Street art signs by Clet Abraham found in London.

Jonesy.Jonesy - 25/12/2015

Recycled street art sculptures by Jonesy found in east London.

Don.Paul 'Don' Smith - 25/12/2015

Street Art by 'Don' found in central London.

Tex at Rammellzee.Ramm.Ell.Zee #CosmicFlush - 25/12/2015

The 'Cosmic Flush' launch by Gamma Proforma, music by DJFood, and perfomance by 'The Cult of Rammellzee' at Magda Danysz gallery in central London.

Supr MarketSuper Market - 25/12/2015

A fresh group show entitled 'Super Market', in a super market in north London. featuring Party, Crok, Neas, Neonita, 616, Edwin, Bill Daggs, The Real Dill, Boglio, Pixie, Yo Yo and more.

High Rollers.Sweet Toof at Rocket Barber Shop

New solo show by Sweet Toof in Rocket Barbers basement in London.

Benjamin Murphy.LDN Events updated - 25/12/2015

New exhibitions & events including Jimmy Cauty's Model Village, Benjamin Murphy's 'Gilded Chaos', Life Work - Martha Cooper, and more in London.

Pure Evil.LDN Events updated - 30/11/2015

New exhibitions & events including Pure Evil at Saatchi Gallery, 'Covert to Overt', Rammellzee Cosmic Flush, David De Brito, Esthisis, SUPER MARKET, Phing Thing, Jimmy Cauty's Model Village and more in London.

Pins and Dscreet.Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers - 22/11/2015

Featuring Don, Laurini, Jeba, Tattu, IAmManiac, Autone, Trust.iCon, Snooty, Plin, Sell Out, Buenocaos, RS 75, 616, Banksy, Edwin, Aida, Endless, Clet Abraham, Pins, Dscreet, Alo, PTAK, Unify and more.

Nathan Bowen#ForParis by Nathan Bowen - 22/11/2015

Graffit street art #ForParis (with love) by Nathan Bowen found in central London.

Spear.London Walls - 22/11/2015

Street art in London featuring Spear, Wanksy, Hunto, Ante, Sure, Cenz, Aero, Vova Bomb, Pez, Nagel, Pang, Eine, Ben Slow, Fan, Boe & Irony, Elmo, Panik. and more.

Cakes.London Graffiti - 22/11/2015

Graffiti in London featuring Trane, GR, Panik, Elmo, Intro, Teach, Hit, Cakes, Tape, Hello, 2Rise, Aseb, Neist, Nigel, Masi, Bam, Sad, Deft, Elliot Green and more.

Merc and Corze.Brixton Blocc - 22/11/2015

Graffiti art at Brixton Blocc in south London featuring Nath, BRK, Solo One, Genus, Roes, Choro, Zher, Alone, Core, Lovepusher, Merc and Corze. and more.

Tizer.Stockwell Hall of Fame - 22/11/2015

Graffiti art in the south London hall of fame featuring Arbe, Kerim, Ciks, Jergl, GTX, Nores, Olie, Jobs, Oie, Step, Cave, Skot, Fats, Scandal, Tizer and more.

Zomby.Trellick Tower - 22/11/2015

Graffiti in the west Londonhall of fame featuring Hozae, Corze, Resnt, Merc, Bosh, Lady, Met, Crept, Diet, Zom, Fiza, Chik, Plug, Toby, Fats, Imps, Piner, Bean and more.

DietWest London - 22/11/2015

Graffiti found in west London featuring Diet, Teach, Sime, Akit, Sype, Yeah, Crept, Bean, Derp, Sod and more.

Rels.Markfield Park - 22/11/2015

Rels, Relay, Jonda, AktOne, Petro, Vibes, Owed, Lars, Pad, Zubat, Rainman, Ludvig, Floe, Realski, Mezma, Slam, Diet, Fund, Bord, Spat, Reach, Mear, Crok, Ofski, Floe, Yekso, Rubik, Zime SOL and more.

HTB.Parkland Walk - 22/11/2015

Featuring Ater, Jet, InkFetish, Kai, Mawb, Dosa, Tesk, Oust, 2Rise, Lemon, Oslo, Dryer, Panik, Hit, Elmo, Lone, Fatso, Whome, Skoe, Hekla, Sample, Deft, 4CE, Speed, Wilbo, Kesh, Virus and more.

OustHackney Spots - 22/11/2015

Graffiti in east London featuring Sweet Toof, Fly, Tope, Fatso, Zher, Hunter, Bord, 2Rise, Oust, Yan, Four, Ders, RIP Anton. and more.

TAG.Street art curated by Turnpike Art Group

Hollywood stars and more. Street Art by TAG found in north London.

Dale Grimshaw.Dale Grimshaw in Camden - 22/11/2015

Street art by Dale Grimshaw in Camden, north London.

SenorX.LDN Events updated - 09/11/2015

New exhibitions & events including We Create Live, Fore, Sénor X, All City Queens, 'The Artist Awakens' and more in London.

KIND MAGZ.'Clash Of Characters' by KIND MAGZ

KIND MAGZ is a free online publication, locally based in Indonesia, reviewing Graffiti, Street Art and Urban Sub-Culture around South East Asia. Download issue #5 of the digital magazine now!

Clet Abraham.LDN Events updated - 19/10/2015

New exhibitions & events including Clet Abraham, JR, Bom.K, Moniker Art Fair, Ant Carver, Artcore, Art Heist, Eine, Mr Cenz, Mix 2, Team NAZ, Zulu Nation Anniversary, The Bigger Picture and more in London.

Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers - 06/10/2015

Featuring Party, David De Brito, Never Seek Permission, Only1Duk, Pug, Mr Degri, Mr Plin, Mr Fahrenheit, Some Art, Woah, Rolf, Avem, C3, Alo, Firl, A.CE, Anna Laurini and more.

Fume and Band.London Graffiti - 06/10/2015

Featuring Band, 2Kold, Zomby, Fume, Mear, Yan, Owed, Woah, T.17, YE, Ke, Oust, Skoe, Noch, Ders, Mighty Mo, Marty, Panik, Fatso, Geak, Slang, Nemo, DTS, Speed and more.

Low Bros.London Walls - 06/10/2015

Featuring Vibes, Rels, Sider, Dazer, Meker, Jano, Sterling, Fanakapan, Mr Cenz, Ant Carver, Fumero, Shida, Cosa, Mear, Skoe, Oust, This One, 0707, Jim Vision, Charley McFarley, Lifer, Riot, Low Bros, Feel, Hemper, Elser, Tizer, InkFetish and more.

Rainbow.Camden Street Art - 06/10/2015

Featuring Amara Por Dios, Dan Kitchener, Mr Cenz, 616, Vanessa Longchamp, Airborne Mark, Autone, Seeds One, Himbad, The Real Dill, Tony Boy, Waleska, Pegasus, Dale Grimshaw, Hunto and more.

Jim Vision and Ekto.Nomadic Community Garden - 06/10/2015

Featuring Jim Vision, Ekto, Dr Zadok, Lifer, Charley McFarley, Kans, Notch and more.

XXXXXX.War v Peace - 06/10/2015

Collated news media published and pasted over time at the Peace Booth in Old Street Underground Station...

Vermibus.Vermibus - 06/10/2015

Street Art signage by ad-hacker Vermibus in east London.

Jonesy.Street Art Sculpture by Jonesy - 06/10/2015

Recycled sculptural street art by Jonesy found in east London.

MadC.LDN Events updated - 30/09/2015

New exhibitions & events including MadC at Pure Gallery, New Paintings by Keith Baugh, Spill Your Guts, Fresh and more in London.

Malarky.Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers - 01/09/2015

Featuring Pegasus, Invader, Sokatos, Cloud, Neoh, Sell Out, Howl Owl, Noriaki, Laurini, Float, ATMK, Dan Witz, Rider, Wanksy, Flabby, Dscreet, Plastic Jesus, Pang, Rowdy, Malarky, Gold Peg and more.

Jimmy C.London Walls and Shutters - 01/09/2015

Featuring Yola, Shida, Goms, Onesto, Shok1, Conor Harrington, Wisher, Eine, Hue-man, Jimmy C, Zabou, Bake, Bogs, Beuy, Heks, Himbad, This One, Strand, Vibes, JXC, Sweet Toof and more.

Chik.London Graffiti - 01/09/2015

Featuring Jam, Neas, Anik, Leet, Deft, Yan, Make, Rands, Zadok, Core, 2Rise, Hora, Chang, Stiz, Gee, Smut, 32, Droe, Neoh, Fenza, Ye, T17, Hekla, Nigel, Sizm, Chik, Skoe, Zubat, Force and more.

ZadokWalthamstow Marshes - 01/09/2015

Graffiti Street Art found in east London featuring Hekla, Sweet Toof, Paul Insect, Bizy, Miami, Gnasher, Bailon, Masai, Zadok, Hannah Adamaszek and more.

Camden.Camden Street Art - 01/09/2015

Graffiti and Street Art found in Camden. featuring Onio, Onesto, Goms, Mort, Roes, Heat, Kef, Trust.iCon, Dotmasters, Dscreet, JXC, Studio FPLO, Tizer, Moleculahowl and more.

Jonesy.Street Art by Jonesy - 01/09/2015

Graffiti Street Art by Jonesy found in east London.

Plin.Street Art by Plin - 01/09/2015

Graffiti Street Art by Plin found in east London.

The Battle of Waterloo.The Battle of Waterloo 2015

Chrome & Black's Battle of Waterloo in the Leake Street tunnel was back with a bang, and this years event was even bigger and better than years before...

MIX.LDN Events updated - 24/08/2015

New exhibitions & events including MIX, OutsideIn #4, New paintings by Keith Baugh, LAX/LHR at Stolenspace, FRESH, ALL CITY- SIZZLING SUMMER SATURDAYS and more in London.

Skore and Drax.Jam for King Robbo - 09/08/2015

For London's King in west London featuring Skore, Drax, Mean, Cos, Vade, Sime, Envy, Dsia, Corze, Akit, Zomby, Crok, Ludvig, Trev, Plug, Mr Met, Slam, ICB, Atom, Alma, Yan, Spoe, Bosh and more.

Meeting of Styles 2015.Meeting of Styles 2015 - 09/08/2015

The Meeting of Styles international graffiti street art festival in east London organised by EndOfTheLine.

Van Gogh.Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers - 09/08/2015

Featuring Mother, Elle, Pins, Alo, PyramidOracle, C215, Don, El Duende, Donk, Hogre, Banksy, Jef Aerosol, FPLO, Toasters, Sweet Toof, Himbad, The Krah, Just, T.Wat, Anatronen, Plin, KGuy and more.

eL Seed.London Walls - 09/08/2015

Featuring Cept, Mr Cenz, Bint, Cekis, Birdseed, FPLO, Kyle Holbrook, Pegasus, Masai, Fumero, eL Seed, Ryca, Vibes, Vizo, Riot, Kaes, Mean, Zomby, Martin Ron, Pichiavo, TRP, Zina, Malarky and more.

Zomby.London Graffiti - 09/08/2015

Featuring Skoe, Hekla, EVC, Bord, Reach, Fatso, Ern, Pure Evil, Jobs, Omar, Flem, LD, Halt, Cero, Owed, Zomby, Chik, Dren, Jam, T32, Sime, Ror, Oust, Tipse, Jaya and more.

Sky High..Nomadic Community Gardens - 09/08/2015

Graffiti Street Art at the Nomadic Community Gardens, Pedley Street, east London featuring Sky High, Himbad, Gent, Vibes, Odisy, Zadok, Busk, Switch and more.

Senor X.'The Adventurer' by Sénor X - 09/08/2015

Inspired Street Art by Sénor X found in East London.

LATA.LDN Events updated - 03/08/2015

New exhibitions & events including LATA Street Culture Festival, Drips & Runs, Dog Days at Hang Up Gallery, 48's at PROOF London, Broken Minds at Outsider Gallery and more in London.

Camden.Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers - 13/07/2015

Featuring Moolah, Xenz, Mighty Monkey, DDP, Pins, Nigel, Masi, Soeta, OPD, Tn, Morsa, Look-up, Ders, Cosa, Shuby, Space Invader, Envy, Obit, Stewy, Brutal, Clancy, Afed and more.

Irony.London Walls - 13/07/2015

Featuring Goodchild, Aries, Soeta, Cazer, Party, Thierry Noir, Colour Doomed, Sénor X, Jim Vision, Sweet Toof, Decay, SPZero76, Captain Kris, Ant Carver, Tony Boy, The Real Dill, Dirty30, Onesto, Alexis Diaz, Elian, Joachim, My Dog Sighs, Eine, Irony, Pad, Ana Marietta and more.

Sime and Zomby.Stockwell - 13/07/2015

Photo's taken 23/06/2015, featuring Sime, Zomby, Zoer, Tizer, Stika, Funk, Mear, Cenz, Aero, Bams, Pow, Crude, Tease, Sabeth, Pixie, Crok, Bion and more.

Sterling and Revs.Southbank and Leake Street - 13/07/2015

Featuring Sense, Hekla, Bogs, Enve, Merc, Morn, Jive, Sterling, Revs, Perk, Fats, Foul, Isno, Parlee, Plote, Core, Ludvig, Dark, Toes, Crede and more.

MOBSTRMOBSTR: The Curious Frontier Of Red

"I cycled past this wall on the way to work for years..." ... MOBSTR's time-based graffiti street art vs the 'buff' in Hackney, East London.

Anna LauriniAnna Laurini - 13/07/2015

Street Art by Anna Laurini found in London.

Banksy.LDN Events updated - 13/07/2015

New exhibitions & events including Whitecross Street Party, IT BEGAN ON THE WALLS, Otto Schade, NOT IN U$E! XXX Stitch and more in London.

King Robbo Boxing.KING ROBBO BOXING - Fit For The King!

ONE NIGHT ONLY 10/07/2015 - Team Robbo and Nicky 'Gold Tooth' will be hosting an exclusive night of white collar boxing at the Troxy in east London on the 10th July to raise funds for King Robbo's headstone.

Sweet Toof and Charice.Graffiti, Street Art & Stickers #1 - 22/06/2015

Featuring Malarky, MOBSTR, LWI, 1Duk, Shogi, Stet, Enamo, Nerd, Cos, Panik, Sweet Toof, Charice, Cranio, Nathan Bowen, Tn, Jim, Hit, Goldpeg, Trane DDS, KGuy, Swae, Copynot, Four, Hilo and more.

Alo.Graffiti, Street Art & Stickers #2 - 22/06/2015

Featuring Alx, Deft, Stinkfish, Donk, Alo, Ant Carver, Nurastr, Georgie, Don, Costah, Dr Cream, Stikki Peaches, Selor, Bili, T.Wat, Shuby, DS, 23rd Key and more.

Run.London walls & pieces #1 - 22/06/2015

Painted walls found in London featuring Coe One, Stika, Run, Fan HC, Cranio, InkFetish, Julian MTS, Also, Akt One, Onek, Cept, BRK, Snoe, Kyle Holbrook, Himbad and more.

Neoh.London walls & pieces #2 - 22/06/2015

More painted walls featuring Neoh, Darren John, 0707, 9emeconcept, Dzia, Selor, Jimmy C, Bull Ough, Solo, Pref ID, Seeds One, Trust.iCon, Louis Masai, Elno, Tommy Fiendish, Kudos, Girls On Top and more.

616.The Nomadic Community Garden

New community gardens opened in East London featuring Andy Seize, Tizer, Sea Puppy, Charlie McFarley, Jim Vision, Sabeth, Tizer, Dvate, Zadok, Bill Daggs, Tony Boy, Seeds One, Himbad, Lee Fukke, Georgie, Busk, Switch, Wum Zum, Jask, Walisha, Roo, Neonita and more.

Paris.Paris Graffiti & Street Art - 22/06/2015

A short work trip enabled a bit of sight-seeing, and a street walk back to Gare Du Nord from Bercy in the south east centre of Paris.

Pure Evil.LDN Events updated - 17/06/2015

New exhibitions & events including Thierry Noir, Pure Evil, Stéphane Moscato, Entre Muros, Underground Groupshow, Urban Art 2015, The Banksy Job, Meeting of Styles UK 2015, and more in London.

Pure Evil.Graffiti, Street Art & Stickers #1 - 31/05/2015

Featuring Stik, Run, Horror, Chalk Mark, Noir, CutAusterity, Edwin, Rowdy, Pure Evil, Nemo, Banksy?, Alo, Vinnie Nylon, Panik, Josh Jeavons, Cloud Myne, Malarky, Sliks, 616, That, Phude and more.

Davids Cameron.Graffiti, Street Art & Stickers #2 - 31/05/2015

Featuring 1Duk, Extinction Symbol, Don, Dolus, Citizen Kane, PyramidOracle, Jonesy, MJar, MeMe, C215, Gregos, Trust iCon, Love Lock, Invader, Donk, Ben Wilson, Ronzo, Caiso, Angus and more.

Irony.London Walls #1 - 31/05/2015

Featuring BRK, Hunto, Hylton & Kaes, Osch, Thieu, Attai, Zabou, 0707, Hoskin, David De Brito, Cbloxx & Aylo, Irony, Amara Por Dios, InkFetish, Edwin, Cenz, Don, Seeds, Himbad, Rhiannon, Fan, Mr Shiz and more

Stinkfish.London Walls #2 - 31/05/2015

Graffiti Street Art found in London featuring Gent 48, Jim Vision, StinkFish, Cranio, Sliks, Bailon, JimmyC, Pang, Float, Selor and more.

Insane.Trellick Tower - 31/05/2015

Featuring Mr Met, Crept, Rate, Zomby, Chik, Roids, Pref, Wow123, Dasr, Insane, Disk, Pow, Jam, Onme, Flem, Sample, Jef3, Catch, Candie, She, Pixie, Bean, Sod, Derp, Retizm, Root RIP and more.

Akit.London Graffiti - 31/05/2015

Featuring Akit, Cos, Doink, Dose, Depo, Tipse, Eoben, Rate, Chik, Dets, Sewda, Teach, 10Foot, Charice, Bord, Yan, Milo, Swae, Deft, Heat, Cero, Lover, Slang, Moet, Priest, Derp, Gladys RIP and more.

Brussels.Belgium #1 - 31/05/2015

A whistle stop trip to Belgium, featuring PSK, Ralers, Nawas, Vandals, Lempke, Zime, Lastplak, Freaks, Mens, Mehor, Cava, Koza, WCHS, Plur, Don, MC.GVK, MCS and more.

Bue.Belgium #2 - 31/05/2015

Photo's from Ghent featuring Bue, Resto, Chase, MLB, A Squid Called Sebastian, Bisser, Mr Leenknecht, Smates, Phase and more.

Shuby.LDN Events updated - 31/05/2015

New exhibitions & events including WalLords, Battle Cancer, Play, Shoreditch Live, Collagism and Shuby, and more in London...

Smiley Culture.Graffiti, Street Art & Stickers #1 - 03/05/2015

Featuring T32, B6K, Sludge, Tn, D*Face, Space Invader, Touch, Cos, Don, Youkip, Panik, Ben Wilson, 2Rise, Kashink, Clancy, ThisOne, Pyramidoracle and more.

Pablo Fiasco.Graffiti, Street Art & Stickers #2 - 03/05/2015

Featuring Juice, ATG, Sanke, OPD, Stiz, Furia, Pablo Fiasco, Goodchild, Disastronauts, Nylon, Bizy, Stewy, MOBSTR, ACAB, Asume Erna, Osha, Lone and more.

Panik.Walls & Shutters #1 - 03/05/2015

Featuring Paul Insect, Panik, Toasters, Masai, Mother, Nylon, Dotmasters, Fio Silva, ATM, Boe & Irony and more.

Mr Cenz.Walls & Shutters #2 - 03/05/2015

Featuring Pad1, Enmasse, Lilly Lou, Gary, Mr Cenz, Aero, Oust, Skoe, Lord Bams, Vinie Graffiti, Fan HC, Birdseed, Sweet Toof, Zabou and more.

InkFetish.Alexandra Palace - 03/05/2015

Featuring Snatch PFB TO, InkFetish 40HK and Zaki Dee TO.

Masica.Markfield Park - 03/05/2015

Featuring The Real Dill, Since, Dyet, Zaps, Jonda, 616, Owik, Daps, Masica, Sype, Pers, Seman, PartOne, Peza, Aesop..

Diet.Parkland Walk - 03/05/2015

Featuring Panik, SMT, Sycoe, Stres, Laze, Basik, Oust, Skem, Jasik, Sod, Derp, Hekla, Snoe, Leng.

RIP Terry Pratchett.A tribute to Terry Pratchett - 03/05/2015

A tribute to Terry Pratchett and Josh Kirby by Jim Vision and Dr Zadok in East London.

Space Invader.Space Invader in the UK - 03/05/2015

Space Invader returned to London...

Reclaim The Beats.#ReclaimTheBeats - 03/05/2015

#NotGraffitiBut Class War demonstration in London on May day 2015.

Snub23.LDN Events updated - 16/04/2015

New exhibitions & events including Roy's People, Snub23, VanDalism, Louis Masai and more in London.

Aida.Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers - 12/04/2015

Featuring Aida, Himbad, Nemo's, Sweet Toof, Sénor X, Arxs, Banksy, Omar, Flem, Grafter, Heato, Real Dill, Trust iCon, Sterling, Leet, Nerd, 616, David De Brito, Don, CutAusterity and more.

King Robbo RIP.London Walls and Pieces - 12/04/2015

New walls painted in London featuring Team Robbo, Hunto, MOBSTR, Zabou, Bonzai, Pure Evil, Furia, Ante, Jimmy C, Horror Crew, 0707, Tizer, Kems and more.

Jam.East London Graffiti - 12/04/2015

Featuring Noch, Jam, Sewda, Priest, 3rdie, Hozae, Zite RIP, Vade, Bas, Tulip, Acorn, Cazer, 2Rise, Kaes, Core, SMT, Jasik and more.

Drips And Runs.Drips & Runs Transmission 002 - 12/04/2015

An internet-only collaborative art event held in a secret London location featuring Tony Riff, Saki & Bitches, 616, Vova Bomb, Tony Boy, The Real Dill, Seeds One, DJ Himbad and more.

Stickerbomb Skate.And the winner of Stickerbomb Skate is...

And the winner of the competition to win the new book 'Stickerbomb Skate' from Studio Rarekwai, published by Laurence King is...

Inkie.Graffiti and Street Art - 05/04/2015

Graffiti and Street Art featuring Goodchild, Panik, Teach, Elmo, Amuk, Jive, Chuck One, Inkie, Obit, Mighty Mo, Mau Mau, Cero, PIC, Hunto, Pyramidoracle, Gregos, Hekla, Don, Malarky and more.

Sweet Toof.Hackney Wick - 05/04/2015

Featuring Petro, Ali Hamish, Frankie Strand, Cheese, Chora, Saph, Fatso, Nemo's, NDA, AlaNiz, Pins, Sweet Toof, Mint Serf, Sweet Toof, Deft, Utopia, This Is My Costume, Pang and more.

JXC.Camden Street Art - 05/04/2015

Featuring JXC, Airborne Mark, Sénor X, Zabou, Mr Shiz, Chinagirl tile, Dotmasters, Ser, Simoni Fontana, My Dog Sighs and more.

Stickerbomb Skate.WIN Stickerbomb Skate - 150 Classic Skateboard Stickers from Studio Rarekwai

The new book published by Laurence King celebrates one of the most influential and prolific of all sticker scenes: Skateboard stickers.

HRH King Robbo.RIP King Robbo, 1969 - 2014

4 years on since King Robbo's tragic accident… Rest in peace big man. Graffiti pioneer, King of London. #Robbo4Ever.

Team Robbo.London Graffiti - 29/03/2015

Featuring Team Robbo, Neas, Oust, Shipos, Skoe, Roan, Onit, Droe, Neka, Kink, Dets, Rans, Raz, Cuso, Add, Flos, Fbat, Nemo, Probat, DSK, Hekla, Neoh, Fatso, Erny, and more.

Unknown Umbrella.London Street Art - 29/03/2015

Featuring Kef, Pure Evil, Neoh, Gregos, Pyramidoracle, Dr Cream, 616, Endless, Dotmaster, Paul Insect, DSCREET, Chinagirl tile and more.

Scuba.London Walls - 29/03/2015

Featuring Aero, Mr Cenz, Quest, Faith47, A Squid Called Sebastian, Hanna Adamaszek, Guido Zimmermann, Mik Shida, Frankie Strand, Krooks, Darren John, Squirl, Captain Kris, Dirty30, Lilly Lou, DS, Scuba, Vaypa, Snoe, BRK, Fan HC and more.

La Piztola.'Manorism' Preview - 29/03/2015

Photo preview of 'Manorism', a new exhibition and event space in North London featuring Pablo Fiasco, MNKY, Boxhead, Req, Paris, Mudwig, Goodchild, La Piztola, Dotmaster, Dazzel and more.

Manorism.LDN Events updated - 29/03/2015

New exhibitions & events including 'Manorism', 'Endangered Species' at MYA Gallery, Breakin Convention 2015 and more in London.

Oregos.Graffiti and Street Art #1- 22/03/2015

Mighty Mo, Cranio, Oregos, Snoe, Sweet Toof, Osch, Desx, Aerone, Zabou, Don, Pez, Mr Penfold, Frankie Strand, Jonesy, Nemo, Flame, Empty Belly, Costah, Pang, Saki & Bitches and more.

D*Face.Graffiti and Street Art #2 - 22/03/2015

Donk, HmmmBates, DeeOne, ImHuge, Malarky, Neoh, Peter Evans, SLM, C3, Pyramidoracle, 616, Mr Fahrenheit, Squiddy Johnson, Lilly Mixe, SSOSVA, Dolus, Ema, Andrei Ganser, Zokatos Uhu, Caiso, Unify, AnimalMan and more.

Tizer.London Graffiti #1 - 22/03/2015

Ozone RIP, Petro, Panik, Cos, Alive, Mad, Scrue, Pik, Aurum, Swae, OPD, WMB, SFL, THL, Leet, Flem, Hoover, Dicer, Spat, Sheky, Tizer, Oust, Drax WD, Yan, Bosh and more.

Akt1.London Graffiti #2 - 22/03/2015

Akt1, Crok, Dosar, Bam, Cam, Play, Orn, Fatso, Charice, Kaes, BW, Vents, Snoe, Arxs, Zen, Osha, Pain, Deft, Barto, Core, Txino, Euros, 4Syfe, Amps, Extra, Depo, Bas, Chik, Mope, Cyda, Meker, Tokyo, Four, Ders and more.

Angus.London Walls - 22/03/2015

Pichiavo, Mehdi Ghayanloo, Birdseed, Nick Flatt & Paul Punk, TrustiCon, Graffiti Life, Snow, Txemy, Muro, Belles et Buth, Ant Carver, Coe One, Angus, Georgie, 0707, Miaoutoo, Bow, Furia, Hunto, Colour Karma, Roa and more.

Dscreet.Hackney Wick - 22/03/2015

Graffiti and Street Art found in East London featuring AlaNiz, Lone, Heat, Tizer, 2Rise, Cazer, 616, Aida, Teddy Baden, Klove, Raygun, Malarky, Dscreet, Freedom Kult, N-Evans and more.

Pixwl Pancho.Pixel Pancho - 22/03/2015

Street Art by Pixel Pancho found in East London.

MOBSTR.MOBSTR - 22/03/2015

Graffiti Street Art by MOBSTR found in Hackney, East London.

Cosmo Sarson.LDN Events updated - 22/03/2015

New exhibitions including Cosmo Sarson at Pure Evil, A Silent Street Art Auction at Bar 90, Iranian Street Art at Graffik Gallery, David Bray & Pixel Pancho at StolenSpace, StreetFest 2015 and more in London.

Hanna Adamaszek.#HistoryOfLeakeStreet for Femme Fierce

Here's my slides and research for a 'brief' presentation on the #HistoryOfLeakeStreet for Femme Fierce Reloaded at The Vaults in Leake Street, Waterloo.

Bicicleta Sem Freio.LDN Events updated - 01/03/2015

New exhibitions and events including REMEMBER Art Show at Fabric, Bicicleta Sem Freio at RexRomae, Slinkachu at Andipa Gallery and more in London.

Pegasus.Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers - 22/02/2015

Featuring YouKipper, Eine, Rae, Rude Kids, Chora, Cartrain, T.Wat, Corpse, DeeOne, Skufe, Love, Emo, Pegasus, 616, Bambi, Malarky, David Shillinglaw, Cept, Rusht, Osek and more.

SÚnor X.East London Walls - 22/02/2015

Street Art found in London featuring Newso, Gent48, Dan Chase, Jim Vision, Lapiztola, Meggs, The Real Dill, Bill Dirty30, Jeba, Mr Shiz, Sénor X and more.

MightyMo and Aser.London Graffiti - 22/02/2015

Featuring Korn RIP, Siren, Oker, Shog, DDS, Sawse, Struk, Furor, Leet, Heato, Harm, Aser, GetUp, Mighty Mo, Panik, Intro, Lone, Mads, Pad, Sope, Enve, Noch, Dowt, Eaz RIP, T32, B6K, Droas, 2Rise, Plur, Dvon, Claude, ATG, Piska, Drax WD, Viso and more.

Mehdi Ghayanloo.Mehdi Ghayanloo - 22/02/2015

Iranian street artist Mehdi Ghayanloo's new work in London.

Mehdi Ghayanloo.LDN Events updated - 22/02/2015

New exhibitions and events including Mehdi Ghayanloo, East Meets West at Lollipop Gallery, Clocks at The Graffiti Life Gallery. Kaleidoscope at MYA, New School 3 at Graffik Gallery and more.

Boe and Irony.Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers - 15/02/2015

Featuring Boe & Irony, Himbad, Ron English, Trust.iCon, Fatso, OPD, Bam, 616, Jask, Fan HC, Droe, 0707, BustArt, Sole, Pins, Malarky, Drost, Gano and more.

Zomby and Sime.Trellick Tower - 15/02/2015

Featuring Mr Met, Sime, Zomby, Cos, Chik, Tipse, Rate, Afro, Depot, Dose, Dowt, Dyet, Davi, Ezrok, Retro, Festa, Sample, Gero, T17, Pickles, CodeFC and more.

Since.Markfield Park - 15/02/2015

Featuring Horis, Part One, Masiker, Aiso, Seeds One, Skier, Ofski, 1Tang, Owik, Derp, Since, Emyt, Zret, Dosar, Arbe, Vigo, Doom, Suyz, Chuk, Ligs, Bizy, Pixie, Crok, Dkae, Zaps and more.

Pesa.Parkland Walk - 15/02/2015

Featuring Uhuh, Mawb, Derp, Bean, Ater, Stoke, Size, Since, Lover, Rodeo, Sawse, Tesk, Potek, Brazier, Peza, Ofske, Akit, Dyet and more.

Trans One and Noir.Alexandra Palace - 15/02/2015

Featuring Akit, Team Robbo, Noir, Trans One, Faver and more.

Kaes.East London - 15/02/2015

Featuring 2Rise, Euros, Kaes, Vigo, Krooks, Jam and more.

Toaster.Toasters Bluff Buff - 15/02/2015

Ageing #BluffBuff Street Art by Toaster Crew found in West London.

Cartrain.Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers - 08/02/2015

Featuring Real RIP, Lone, ATG, Sterling, Oré, Fimo, Insect, Cartrain, Dr D, MOBSTR, Ders, Four, Plin, Lex Dura, Costah, Solo, DFN, Graffiti Life, Tox, Fatso, Rels, Bad Ass and more.

Stinkfish.Walls, Boards and Shutters - 08/02/2015

Featuring Hunto, Skyhigh, Sterling, Meker, Mr Sable, Millo, Insane, Mef, Ludvig, Cranio, David Wlker, Mau Mau, Stinkfish, Mr Cenz, Cheese London, Ventsa, Morgazmik, Jim Vision, Nathan Bowen and more.

ATG.London Tracksides - 08/02/2015

Trackside graffiti seen across London.

Hope.Hope in North London - 08/02/2015

'Hope', Graffiti Street Art found in North London.

Amara Por Dios.Amara Por Dios - 08/02/2015

Street Art by Amara Por Dios found in East London.

Kaes.Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers - 25/01/2015

Featuring Kaes, Drem, Huh, Desp, Potz, Alice, Pablo Delgado, Fauntleroy Snooty, Trust iCon, Donk, Notch, Hekla, Swae, Korea, Deft, Above, 2Rise, Bord, Cosa, Fatso, Arxs and more.

Canalside.West London Graffiti - 25/01/2015

Graffiti found in West London featuring Diabolical Dubstars, Acet, Dorps, Pubes, The Space Cowboys, Scrue, Popcorn and more.

BFC.London Walls - 25/01/2015

Walls and pieces in London featuring Unga, Tant, Masai, Eine, Himbad, Graffiti Life, Osch, Tony Boy, 616, Real Dill, Illson, Sénor X. Zabou, Cept and more

Himbad.Street Art in Camden - 25/01/2015

Street Art found in North London featuring Dr Zadok, Tony Boy, Himbad, Jimmy C, Dan Kitchener, Vanessa Longchamp, Seeds One, AlaNiz, Pang, Airborne Mark, Irony, Decolife, Sie and more.

INSA.Ballantine's Presents INSA's Space GIF-ITI

Ballantine's and globally-renowned 'GIF-ITI' artist INSA create world's largest animated GIF.

Pop The Streets.LDN Events updated - 25/01/2015

New exhibitions and events including Pop The Streets at Saatchi Gallery, Phil Blake at Graffiti Life Gallery, Frank 'Steam156' Malt at HustleBucks and more.

Public Spirit.LDN Links updated - 25/01/2015

Public Spirit, Ear and There, Londres A Bombar, UK Graffiti, The High Fives, Unlawful Art and more... Submit your link to be included!

#JeSuisCharlie.#JeSuisCharlie - 11/01/2015

Graffiti Street Art tributes to the fallen, found in East London featuring Pure Evil, Cept, Furia and more.

Obey.Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers - 11/01/2015

Featuring Himbad, Sweet Toof, Drawer, 616, Panik, Ali Hamish, Bambi, Pegasus, Banksy, Team Robbo, Gregos, SatterUgly, Drax, Leet, BW, Hekla, Saki & B, Zabou, Skeleton Cardboard, Sell Out, David De Brito, Avem, Scrue, Shiz and more.

Tracksides.London Tracksides - 11/01/2015

Graffiti in West London featuring Flem, Onm, MTRHTB, Cosa, ATG, Acet, DDS and more.

Irony.London Walls and Pieces - 11/01/2015

Featuring Bord, Party, DSCREET, Eloh, Birdseed, Edwin, Heckle, Drax, Boe & Irony, Eoin, 2Rise, Alice, Chik, Zomby, Tipse and more.

Odisy.Shoreditch Walls - 11/01/2015

Featuring Pure Evil, Jiroe, Odisy, Vibes, Crome, Stika, 2Rise, BRK, Snoe, Bailon, Sokar, Zadok, Alice, Bambi, 616, Kult, Furia, Jasik, Poer, InkFetish, Shiz, Malarky, David Shillinglaw and more.

DSCREET.Tizer, Mr Cenz and DSCREET - 11/01/2015

Graffiti Street Art found in east London featuring Tizer, Mr Cenz and DSCREET.

Nathan Bowen.Nathan Bowen - 11/01/2015

Graffiti Street Art by Nathan Bowen found in South London.

Fem Graff.LDN Events updated - 11/01/2015

New exhibitions and events including Keith K. Hopewell, Everything Must Go, Fem Graff, Animal by Borondo, Annatomix, Femme Fierce 2015, Zina and more.

LDNGraffiti in 2014.LDNGraffiti 2014 Review

2014 was a bouncy year for sure, with some great artwork, some personal achievements and some sad losses...

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