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Blog updates in 2014

Ventures out and about, featuring streets, walls, halls of fame, exhibitions and just about anything found in and around London.

LDNGraffiti in 2014.2014, a year of contrast

2014 has been a bouncy year for sure, with some great artwork, some personal achievements and some sad losses...

Mr Fahrenheit.Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers - 07/12/2014

Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers found in London featuring T32, Deftly, SNK, Crok, Seeds One, Mr Fahrenheit, St8ment and more.

DSCREET.London Graffiti - 07/12/2014

Graffiti found in London featuring Json Terror 161, Drax, DSCREET, Run, Neas, Japh, Sleaf, Krane, Cuso, Emzy, Neek, and more.

Cranio.Camden Walls - 07/12/2014

Featuring Alex Senna, Boe and Irony, Digo, Ratsklo, Himbad, Seeds One, The Lost Souls, Vova Bomb, Not Dead Yet, Hunto, Heato, Diet, Dede, Cranio, Cbloxx, Delfin, Klone, Alaniz and more

RIP Eric Garner.Leake Street - 07/12/2014

Featuring Skag, Noir, Siren, Jobs, Tolis, Pad, Akroe, Dread, AF, Soz, Tizer, Hmmmbates, Deus, Bamboo, Flog, Tems, Bout, Audio, Dark, Inuk, Ludvig, EasyG, Hekla, Karma, Maybe, Coe One and more.

Smile Britannia.LDN Events updated - 02/12/2014

New exhibitions and events including Hmmmbates's new solo show at Monty's Bar, The Brazillian Mission Christmas Charity Party and 'Smile Britannia' at the Houses of Parliament in London.

David De Brito and Art is Trash.Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers - 30/11/2014

Featuring T32, Mighty Mo, Bord, Himbad, Tony, Art Is Trash, David De Brito, Furia, Envy, Hot Tea, Neoh and more.

Zime SOL.London Walls - 30/11/2014

Graffiti Street Art found in London featuring Panik, Bonzai, Vibes, Run, InkFetish, Dep, Dan Kitchener, Toasters, Zime SOL and more.

Shoreditch.Shoreditch Graffiti Street Art

Graffiti in Shoreditch featuring Zomby, Yan, Ever, Dowt, Onesa, Spoe and more.

Louis Masai.#ThisIsNow - Louis Masai

Street art campaign by Louis Masai raising awareness of the endangered, lost and invasive species in the UK.

David Walker.EndoftheLine at Rockwell House

New pieces by Jim Vision and David Walker, Anthony Lister, and Dan Chase at Rockwell House in East London.

Nemo's.Street art by Nemo's

Nemo's' layered artwork in north London slowly degraded over time to reveal a lot more (or less...).

Ben Wilson.Ben Wilson at Vic the Barbers

Chewing Gum Art by Ben Wilson at Vic the Barbers in Clerkenwell, London.

Banksy.Graffiti Street Art in Brighton - 30/11/2014

A bonus short trip to Brighton featuring Minty, David Walker, Aroe, Kem, Morf, Rebus, DasOne, Heat, Tors, Sorn, SkyHigh, Batman, Creio, Woe, Kreep, DSCREET, Noriaki, Banksy and more.

Pegasus.Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers - 24/11/2014

Featuring Pegasus, Smoke, ATG, Peg, PER, Bambi, Deftly, Osch, Donk, 42, Mr Fahrenheit, AnimalMan, Furia, Pickles, Masai, Dep Also 40HK, David De Brito, Mesher and more.

Drax.London Walls and Pieces - 24/11/2014

Graffiti Street Art found in London featuring Run, Drax, Neas, Yan, Tizer, Mr Cenz, Jasik, InkFetish, Snatch, Vibes, Toasters, Edwin, Birdseed and more.

Tottenham.Street Art in Tottenham

Featuring ATM, Toasters, Shepard Fairey, Christiaan Nagel, Binty Bint, Art is Trash, Stewy, Zabou and more.

Parkland Walk.North London Graffiti - 24/11/2014

Graffiti found in Parkland Walk and Alexandra Palace featuring Potek, Salcon, Lover, Mark, Ofske, Ment, Misk, Shark, Peza, Aseb, Neist, Cemo, 2Rise, Deft, Dyet, The Real Dill, Obit, Jasik, Kil, Syze and more.

Wish.Markfield Park - 24/11/2014

Graffiti found in north London featuring Masica, Sterling, Seeds, Ireck, Lady Culpa, Bik, Range, Royal, Meta, Beam, Owik, Daps, Cuso, Dyelck, Sawse, Wish, Horis, Since, Mesma and more.

Ben Wilson.LDN Events updated - 20/10/2014

New exhibitions and events including Ben Wilson at Offsite Gallery, Josh Stika at the Hoxton Hotel and more opening in London.

David De Brito.Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers - 16/11/2014

Featuring Sickboy, Mother, Emox, Fyas, DSCREET, Malarky, Sure, Dan Witz, Bord, Skeleton Cardboard, Arxs, Zubat, Donk, Don, Tommy Fiendish, Dr Cream, Bonzai, Tipse, Zomby, Nathan Bowen, and more.

RIP King Robbo by Pure Evil.East London Walls - 16/11/2014

Street Art found in East London featuring Dan Chase, Mef, Insane, Branco, Eelus, Ben Slow, Carl Cashman, Drax, Oker, Pure Evil and more.

Swae.Extinguisher Graffiti - 16/11/2014

Extinguisher graffiti in East London.

Run.Run - 16/11/2014

Street Art by Run in London.

Sweet Toof.Sweet Toof, Paul Insect & more - 16/11/2014

Graffiti Street Art found in East London featuring Sweet Toof, Paul Insect, Paul Insect, DSCREET and more.

Jim Vision.Jim Vision - 16/11/2014

Street Art by Jim Vision in East London.

Ben Wilson.Ben Wilson - 16/11/2014

Chewing Gum Street Art by Ben Wilson found along the Millennium Bridge in Southwark.

Perspicere.Perspicere - 16/11/2014

String Street Art by Perspicere in East London.

Run.LDN Events updated - 16/10/2014

New exhibitions and events including Run, Anthony Lister, Secret Walls, David Walker, Savant, ATM, SGSSSOSVAMMXIV, Graffiti Sessions, Spectrum, Mix: Winter and more opening in London.

Inkie.East London Walls - 20/10/2014

New walls and pieces found in London featuring Annatomix, Artista, 616, Dr Zadok, The Lost Souls, Insa, Sterling, Deus, DanK, Pure Evil, CodeFC, Ludo, Phlegm, Alaniz, Mr Cenz and more.

Alo.Graffiti, Street Art & Stickers #1 - 20/10/2014

Featuring Manga, 32, Dirty30, Birdseed, Ders, Meker, Four, Kazz, Skeleton Cardboard, Cotes, Earo, Liskbot, Noriaki, Pang, Millo, Walden, Dee One, Stinkfish, Zabou, Mr Shiz, Alo, Cherie and more.

Dr Cream.Graffiti, Street Art & Stickers #2 - 20/10/2014

Featuring Dr Cream, Dovie, Roten, Plair, Bais, Oust, AnimalMan, Extinction Symbol, Yola, Nemo, DSCREET, DFN, Skam, Sell Out and more.

Art Is Trash.Art Is Tra$h - 20/10/2014

Street Art found in East London featuring Art Is Trash / El Arte Es Basura.

616.616 - 20/10/2014

Street Art found in East London by 616.

Human Nature.Human Nature at Hoxton Arches

Environmental art exhibition in Hoxton, East London featuring Jonesy, Christiaan Nagel, Ben Wilson, Walden, Oliver Barnett and more.

Modern Toss.Modern Toss 'A decade in the shithouse'

Book launch and exhibition by Modern Toss at Forge and Co in East London.

Mr Cenz.LDN Events updated - 15/10/2014

New exhibitions including Art at The Westbury, Moniker Art Fair, Ka-pow! and more opening in London.

LDNGraffiti.Events Calendar

An at-a-glance view of graffiti and street art related events exhibitions and more in London...

London Graffiti and Street Art.And the winners are...

Congratulations to the winners of Stickerbomb Skulls, Death and the Eternal Forever, Miami Graffiti Art and London Graffiti And Street Art!
Did you win? Find out now! If not, better luck next time...

Stickman.Graffiti and Street Art - 05/10/2014

Graffiti and Street Art found in London featuring AktOne, Petro, Katzoe, Rem, Deus, Eloh, Stickman, Squiddy Johnson, Art is Trash, Four, Ders, TotemCity, Sell Out, Gee, Chanoir, Pez and more.

Part One.London Graffiti - 05/10/2014

Featuring Kort, Run, Rels, Jam, Lern, Drawer, Dowta, Bogs, Hozae, Ares, Geazr, Pork, Misk, Elno, Pixie, Deft, Dyet, Ment, Peza, Fact, Husk, Part One, Masica, 70's Magic, Mitur, Astro and more.

Vinie Graffiti.East London Walls - 05/10/2014

Graffiti Street Art found in East London featuring Dan Kitchener, Mr Cenz, Jimmy C, Inkie, Sepr, Vinie Graffiti, Nathan Bowen and more.

Willow Street.Shoreditch hoardings - 05/10/2014

Street Art found in East London featuring Sterling, Snoe, BRK, Kaes, Captain Kris, Four, 2Rise, Tizer, Award, Dep, Jasik, InkFetish, Chanoir, Akse, Untay, Airborne Mark, Freedom Kult, Meker, Ders and more.

Borondo.Hackney Canal - 05/10/2014

Art along Hackney Canal featuring Borondo, The Lurkers, Broken Fingaz Crew, Katzo, Deos, Shu and more.

Graffiti Life Gallery.LDN Events updated - 05/10/2014

New exhibitions including Ludo, Faith47, Graffiti Life, Consequences, ArtCrank, Moniker Art Fair, Ka-pow! and more opening in London.

Pez.East London Walls - 21/09/2014

Street Art found in East London featuring Stika, Vibes, Odisy, AR, Boxhead, Graffiti Life, BSF, Senna, 2Rise, Aseb, Neist, Mr Cenz, Furia. The Real Dill, Fan HC, Pez, Reka and more.

Plin and Pang.Graffiti and Street Art - 21/09/2014

Graffiti and Street Art found in London featuring Noriaki, Gold Peg, Hmm Bates, False, Kaes, Selor, Banksy, ELK, Dolus, Don, Zabou, Kult, TBF, Cos, Rate, Osch, 616, Plin, Pang and more.

PIC.Stickers and more - 21/09/2014

Street Art found in London featuring Team Robbo, Dr Cream, A.CE, Pang, Float, Benjamin Murphy, PIC, Clet Abraham, Public Spirit, Corpse, Mr Fahrenheit, Walden, Gregos and more.

Zom.Trellick Tower - 21/09/2014

Graffiti found in West London featuring Kult, Jam, Sonar, Thomas, Some, Brag, Forms, Corze, Blood Money, Sipe, Store, Diet, Theam, Zom, Leson, Chik, Samp, Neboe, Virus, Enigma and more.

DPC.Markfield Park - 21/09/2014

Graffiti found in North London featuring Part One, Hek, Cuso, Badge, Masica, Racks, Wonda, Moas, Japh, Crane, Hero, Sleaf, Phes, Faver and more.

Toasters.Parkland Walk - 21/09/2014

Graffiti Art found in North London featuring Ireck, Kink, Sern, Ways, Horn, Mawb, Fatso, Sample, Ment, Kult, Lone, Toasters and more.

Eine.Street Art by Eine - 21/09/2014

Street Art by Ben Eine found in East London.

40HK.40HK and more - 21/09/2014

Graffiti Street Art found in East London featuring Poer, InkFetish, Snatch PFB TO, Sterling, Dep and more.

Mr Cenz at Pure Evil Gallery.LDN Events updated - 21/09/2014

New exhibitions and events including Human Nature, Walk in your shoes, Mr Cenz at Pure Evil Gallery, CodeFC's new book and 'Lollipop' a new gallery opening in east London.

Ben NazLDN Events updated - 03/09/2014

New exhibitions and events including Ben Naz, Dan Kitchener, Graffiti Life, AR and Boxhead, Reka, TwoOne, Pez, Eine, Outside In, Propa Stuff and more in London.

King Robbo by Insane.Tributes to King Robbo, RIP - 31/08/2014

Tributes to the King of London Graffiti found in London and Brighton featuring Chum101, Amuk, Wisher, Pad, Insane, Dogz, Chik, Refa, Zomby, Team Robbo and more.

Huggy Bear by Don.Graffiti and Street Art - 31/08/2014

Graffiti and Street Art found in London featuring Title, Replete, Skolp, OTwo, Riot, Jim Vision, Izer, Malarky, Gold Peg, 10Foot, Choke, Cero, Oik, Roes, Noriaki, Pang, Don, Nils, Unify and more.

Lovepusher and Soten.Stockwell - 31/08/2014

Graffiti in South London featuring Lovepusher, Soten, 2Cane, Care, Juan2, Chik, Cosone, Pow, Wisher, Resk, Wrist, Close, Snoe, BRK, Aeon Fly, Reka, Ebot and more.

Leake Street.Leake Street, Waterloo - 31/08/2014

Graffiti found in South London featuring Inoh, Miaoutoo, Bow, Lesk, Wisher, Pad, Chips, Ludvig, Boms, Sterling, Beam, Derp, Don, Deus and more.

Trellick Tower.Trellick Tower - 31/08/2014

Graffiti found in West London featuring Dogz, Refa, Chik, Zomby, Skar, Relax, Mr Met, Diet, Fres, Amb, Tipse, Fluke, Samp, 4Give, Dkaer, Maybe and more.

Lumia 930.A day in the life of LDNGraffiti - 31/08/2014

The good folk over at Nokia UK have let me trial the new Lumia 930 and wireless charger. I thought I would see how I could fit it into my ventures out and about in London...

William S Burroughs.LDN Events updated - 27/08/2014

New exhibitions including William S Burroughs, Dan Kitchener, Graffiti Life, AR and Boxhead, Beau Stanton, Word To Mother, Reka, TwoOne, Pez, Eine, Outside In, Propa Stuff and more in London.

Snoe TRP.London Walls and Shutters - 25/08/2014

Street Art found in East London featuring Sickboy, Citizen Kane, Gnasher, Roes, Dep, InkFetish, Fan, Dale Grimshaw, KEF, DanK, Vibes, Stika, Nando Mambo, Irony, TRP, Shine Quest and more.

Pegasus.Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers - 25/08/2014

Featuring Footlocker, Selor, Cartrain, Soeta, Masica, Panik, Pegasus, Veg, Fop, Greg, Stoosh, 4Sith, Bord, Phes, Isew, Jam, Rels, 42, Benjamin Murphy, 616, Pang, AnimalMan, Osch and more.

Irony.Camden Market - 25/08/2014

Featuring Panik, Hrok, TLC, Boxhead, My Dog Sighs, Kaes, Irony, Hunto, Kiveson, Zina, Sénor X, Dale Grimshaw, KEF, Zabou, Felion, Grud, Idiom, Seeds One, Fan, Hannah Adamaszek and more.


Street art sculpture by Jonesy found along Brick Lane in East London.

Jim Vision.Jim Vision

New characters by Jim Vision added to the 'Frank Frazetta' tribute wall in Redchurch Street, East London.

Noriaki.Street art by Noriaki

Graffiti street art found in East London by Noriaki and more.

New books.Books updated - 23/08/2014

New books including 'Stickerbomb Skulls' by Studio Rarekwai, Ron English's new book and and testament to 'Miami Graffiti Art' by H.Love, plus chances to win them all!

King Robbo RIP.Tributes to King Robbo, RIP - 12/08/2014

Tributes to the King of London Graffiti found in London and Brighton featuring Team Robbo, Zomby, Cosa, Corze, Keen One, Merc, Hozae, Dasr, Busone, Shu2, Diet, Akit, Kult, Skip, 2Kold, Drax, Oker, Pure Evil, Petro, Heat, Tipse, Sipe, Theam, Dogz, Sod, Noise, Trev, Doks, Slam, Nuse, Jay, Refa, Drost, Baps, Ludvig, Chips, Dscreet, Jet97, Flote, Kech, Aroe, Owed, Fued, Spya, Dowta, Public Enemy and many more.

Cept TRP.London Walls - 12/08/2014

Graffiti Street Art found in London featuring Stika, Twesh One, Ders, Cept, Snoe, Reim, Ewelinak, DanK, The Lost Souls, Jimmy C, Freedom Kult, Himbad, Crok, Panik, Faith47, Fintan Magee, Eelus, Hin, Tizer, Stigma, Ronzo and more.

Hope.Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers - 12/08/2014

Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers found in London featuring PPP, Hefs, Salem, Ders, Love.piepenbrinck, Hope, ITS, OPD, 32, 905, 616, Pixel art, Noriaki, Aset, Mean, Chik, Zomby, Rate, Aito, Bint, Fan, Robi the Dog, Trust.iCon, WRDSMTH, E.L.K, Jonesy, Fawr and more.

Crane.North London Graffiti - 12/08/2014

Graffiti found in Parkland Walk and Markfield Park in North London featuring Masica, Auto, Crane, Sleaf, Kure, She, IC, Wasas, T32, Jonda, Dosa, Slam, Hozae, Trek, Lets, Revs, Irek, Jam, Noch, Bam, Nervo, Deft, Virus and more.

Snatch TO PFB.Stockwell Hall of Fame - 12/08/2014

Graffiti Art found in south London featuring Care, Stika, Mash, Morn, Juan2, Dicez, Chips, Yawn, Smirk, Snatch, Wrist, Funk, Vom, Captain Kris, Si Mitchell, Roes, Squirl, SPZero76 and more.

Zomby.West London Graffiti - 12/08/2014

Graffiti found in West London featuring CBM, Refa, Corze, Zomby, Chik, Dogz, Perp, Amb, Spat, Buset, Sod, Noise, Diet, Funk, Vega, Koph, Robes, Tipse, Neboe, Fluke, Drost, Yous, Catch and more.

ELK.Exhibitions in London - 12/08/2014

Exhibitions and events in London featuring Alo at Saatchi Gallery, Petro and The Cult of Rammellzee, Christiaan Nagel, Luke Cornish (ELK), Darren John and VENTS167 and more.

Graffiti Life.LDN Events updated - 07/08/2014

New exhibitions and events added including Darren John & VENTS137 at The Graffiti Life Gallery, Christiaan Nagel at Hoxton Gallery and 'Salon de Street Art II' in East London and more...

RIP King Robbo.Rest in piece King Robbo - 01/08/2014

London's graffiti king has sadly passed away. After three years in a coma, suffering a tragic accident, King Robbo will live on forever in our hearts and minds. To King Robbo, London graffiti pioneer.

Alo.LDN Events updated - 27/07/2014

New exhibitions and events added including Alo at Saatchi Gallery, Hackney WickED Arts Festival, Ron English, BEN NAZ and more in London!

Ders RT.#WallsProject in East London - 27/07/2014

Street Art in East London organised by GlobalStreetArt.com featuring Askew One, Roids, Dr Zadok, Jim Vision, 2Rise, Poer, InkFetish, Sterling, Roes, Seeds One, Pang, VLong, Thieu, Captain Kris, VovaZomb, Airborne Mark, Himbad, Juicy, Amara Por Dios and more.

Banksy.Graffiti and Street Art - 27/07/2014

Graffiti, Street Art and Stickersfound in London featuring ATG, Gors, Jim2, Cloud Myne, Dowt, Banksy, DeeOne, John Dolan, Selor, Cero and more.

Part2 and Fuel.Symphony for Gaza by Part2ism and Fuel

New Graffiti Street Art found in Pedley Street, East London featuring Part2ism and Fuel.

Deco and more.East London Walls - 27/07/2014

Street Art found in East London featuring Askew One, Fintan Magee, Ante, Sam Sure, Deco, Rabis, Cando, Alexis Diaz, Dede, Otto Schade and more.

Fintan Magee.Oceanic by Askew One and Fintan Magee

Two artists, one exhibition at RexRomae in East London featuring Askew One and Fintan Magee.

Stags, Hens and Bunnies by Dougie Wallace.Stags, Hens & Bunnies by Dougie Wallace

The new book by Dougie Wallace launched at The Hoxton Gallery in East London.

#LondonGraffitiAndStreetArt in London.#LondonGraffitiAndStreetArt in London!

Update: 27/07/2014 - London Graffiti and Street Art, the new book by LDNGraffiti, out and about in London town.

Cartrain.Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers - 23/07/2014

Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers found in London featuring Type, Droe, KGS, 616, Dr Cream, Saki & B, Sweet Toof, BRK, Woozy, Sell Out, Graffiti Life, D7606, Cartrain, Deft, Pegasus and more.

My Dog Sighs.Camden Arches - 23/07/2014

Street Art found in north London featuring Cranio, Rodrigo Branco, SP, Tras, Secle, My Dog Sighs, Speye, Mr Cenz, Grud, Snub23, Melim and many more.

Eine.CREATE by Eine - 23/07/2014

New wall on Old Street repainted by street artist Ben Eine commemorating the life of 22-year-old Tom Easton who was stabbed to death nearby in 2006.

Nemo's.Street art by Nemo's - 23/07/2014

Street art degrading over time by Nemo's in north London.

Roes.Street art by Roes - 23/07/2014

New graffiti street art by Roes found in east London.

#LondonGraffitiAndStreetArt in London.#LondonGraffitiAndStreetArt in London!

Update: 23/07/2014 - London Graffiti and Street Art, the new book by LDNGraffiti, out and about in London town.

Brick Lane Art Auction 2014.LDN Events updated - 23/07/2014

New exhibitions and events added including Brick Lane Art Auction 2014, Oceanic at RexRomae, the Broken Fingaz Crew, Art meets Music and more in London!

On air.Live London - 16/07/2014

A 'short' walk home from the London Live TV studios, west to east, featuring graffiti and street art by King Robbo, Banksy, Invader, Cope2, Indie, AnimalMan, Captain Kris, Gregos, Deft and more...

Stika.Meeting of Styles 2014 - 14/07/2014

The Meeting of Styles 2014 took place across many locations in east London. The event organised by EndoftheLine was a tremendous showcase of modern graffiti art and style across our streets…

RunLondon walls and shutters - 14/07/2014

Featuring Run, Roa, Heat, The Rolling People, Tizer, Stenz, Dep, Squiddy Johnson, Endless, Nathan Bowen, Senna, Mr Cenz, Graffiti Life, Milo Tchais, Inkie, DanK, Hunto, Woozy, Roach and many more.

Keen One and Choci Roc.London Graffiti - 14/07/2014

Graffiti found at Alexandra Palace and Markfield Park featuring Keen One, Choci Roc, Crok, Ater, Dyelck, Masica, Sense, Onit, Mersh, Evade, Jonda, Jam, Rels, Crane, Akt One, Owed, Party, Pixie, Diald and more.

Faith47.Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers - 14/07/2014

Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers featuring Public Spirit, 2Fire, WRDSMTH, DSCREET, TLP, Rugman, D7606, Bambi, HmmBates, ?, Cartrain, Faith47, Float, Paul Insect, Hekla and more.

London Graffiti and Street Art.London Graffiti and Street Art in London!

London Graffiti and Street Art the new book by LDNGraffiti, published by Ebury Press, out and about in London town.

London Graffiti and Street Art.London Graffiti and Street Art by LDNGraffiti

Unique artwork from London's streets - The new book 'London Graffiti and Street Art' by Joe Epstein, producer of LDNGraffiti, is coming out on 10/07/2014! Published by Ebury Press.

The Graffiti Life Gallery.LDN Events updated - 08/07/2014

New exhibitions and events added including Urban Art 2014, Otto Schade and Inkie at Hung Gallery, a new print release from CEPT, Meeting of Styles 2014, TACO-TRICYCLE-TIMBUKTU and more!

Furia.Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers - 23/06/2014

Featuring Art is Trash, Loretto, My Dog Sighs, Bortusk Leer, Pure Evil, Gregos, Ben Naz, 616, Dr Cream, Unify, Furia, Subway Saints, Sénor X, Fr.Anarchy, Savant, Love.piepenbrinck, Fip, C215 and more.

Street Art.Walls and Shutters - 23/06/2014

Featuring Lily Mixe, Cept, Run, Bailon, McKee, Cira Schu, Captain Kris, The Real Dill, Si Mitchell, Himbad, Seeds One, Dr Zadok, Jim Vision, Masai, My Dog Sighs, Heat, Rone and more.

SFL LDN.London Graffiti - 23/06/2014

Graffiti found in London featuring Akt1, Owed, Omar, Theme, EC, Neist, Putes, Raygun, Ihez, Mother, Drawer, InkFetish, Poer, Rews, Katso, Eine, Trek, Since, Sterling, SFL, Ukey and more.

Stockwell.Stockwell - 23/06/2014

Graffiti found in the hall of fame in south London featuring Morganix, Eska, Zina, Sterling, Keen One, Lovepusher, Corze, Merc, Dicez, Rubik, Jasik, Dowt and more.

Louis Masai.Brick Lane - 23/06/2014

Street Art found around Brick Lane in London featuring Gomez, Bicicleta Sem Freio, Zio Ziegler, Fan HC, Saki & B, The Real Dill, Seeds One, Himbad, 616, Louis Masai and more.

Roa.Roa at StolenSpace - 23/06/2014

Street artist Roa's has a great collection of new works at StolenSpace Gallery in east London on until 06/07/14!

The Graffiti Life Gallery.LDN Events updated - 23/06/2014

TACO-TRICYCLE-TIMBUKTU, Luke Cornish, 'Saints and Sinners', Gnasher, Graffiti Life Gallery, West London Arts Factory, Mr Shiz, Katrin Fridriks, Burning Candy, AnyForty, Meeting of Styles 2014 and more!

Seen.LDN Events updated - 19/06/2014

New events and exhibitions added featuring Seen, Run, Roa, Trust.icon and more in London.

Cosmo Sarson.London Walls and Shutters - 26/05/2014

Featuring Eloh, Zadok, Mr Cenz, Tizer, Aero, Vibes, Stika, MOBSTR, Aeon Fly, Neas, DSCREET, Stik, Cosmo Sarson, Fan HC, Never2501, Sred, Obae, Plot, Perspicere, Noir, Gomez, Naz, Bord and more.

Alex Senna.Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers - 26/05/2014

Featuring Alex Senna, Party, Arxs, Clet Abraham, Jonesy, Quendo, Fr.Anarchy, Bailon, Alice, Ern, 616, Roy The Dinosaur, Sell Out, Savant, Bunny M, Id-iom, Sanke, Space Invader, Unify and more.

Mighty Mo.Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers - 19/05/2014

Featuring Ihez, Raul.G, Borondo, Grud, Banksy, Roy The Dino, 616, T.Wat, KEF, DeeOne, Deus, Oogly Crew, Fatso, Tek33, Vinz, Artista, Probs, Squirl, Unify, Mighty Mo and more.

Jim Vision.London Walls - 19/05/2014

New walls found in London featuring Borondo, L7M, Mr Cenz, Tizer, Ink, Clog, Jim Vision, Gent, 2Rise, Trafik, Pref, Wisher, 616, Captain Kris, Neil Ennui, Squirl and more.

Himbad and The Real Dill.London Woods - 19/05/2014

Graffiti lost in the woods of north London featuring The Real Dill, Seeds One, Himbad, Pang, Amara Por Dios, Saki & B, Ubangibangi, Mungo, OPD, ATG, Panik, Elmo, H.Rok, The Lurkers and more.

Akts TBF.London Graffiti - 19/05/2014

Graffiti found in north and east London featuring Owed, Rels, Akts, Petro, Hefs, Dasr, Maybe, Close, Frame, Dowt, Spat, Doks, Jobs, Rman, Wasa, Poke, Mitur, Owik, Since, Koy and more.

Snatch PFB TO.Parkland Walk - 19/05/2014

Graffiti found in north London featuring InkFetish, Snatch, Heato, Bons, Rubik, Poer, Jam, Freck, Kalm, Drag, Revs, Syze, Sample, Prone, Jet and more.

NarcÚlio Grud.Camden Town - 19/05/2014

Graffiti Street Art found in north London featuring Mr Cenz, Narcélio Grud, Elfy, Nemo's, Boxhead, Id-iom, Panik, Heato and more.

Josh Jeavons and Edwin.Hackney Wick - 19/05/2014

Graffiti Street Art found in east London featuring Chora, APTAP, Pang, Furia, Drawer, Himbad, Masai, BC, Horror, Gramps, Yes, Sweet Toof, Lesk, Gonzo, Josh Jeavons, Edwin, Senna, Ludvig and more.

Tito Na Rua.Tito Na Rua in Hackney - 19/05/2014

Comic strip street art by Tito Na Rua found in east London.

MOBSTR.LDN Events updated - 15/05/2014

New events and exhibitions added featuring GraffitiStreet, Cromatik, Trafacka, Martin Ron, New School 2, TML Stars, Miss Van, Olek, SAVE THE BEES, Pablo Delgado, MOBSTR, Roa and more in London.

Stealing Banksy?.Stealing Banksy? - 21/04/2014

Photo preview of the Stealing Banksy? event, organised by the Sincura Group at the ME London Hotel in central London.

Dale Grimshaw.North London - 21/04/2014

Featuring Dale Grimshaw, Dan Kitchener, KEF, Hunto, Himbad, Pang, Seeds One, Saki & B, Artista, Borondo, Nemo's, Captain Kris, The Real Dill, SPZero76, and more.

Ben Slow.East London - 21/04/2014

Featuring Lily Mixe, Ben Slow, Snik, DSCREET, Malarky, Drax, Hello, BRK, and more.

Win Street Art Fine Art.Win: Street Art Fine Art

Street Art Fine Art presents a collection of classic works of fine art by the old masters reinterpreted by 17 world renowned street artists.
Just leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of the book!

Like.Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers - 14/04/2014

Graffiti, Street Art, and Stickers found in London featuring JPT, Sope, Puka, 616, Lola, Bark, Eyo76, Kef, Sell Out, Gout, FWL, Hype, Love.piepenbrinck, Howl Owl, and more.

Stika.London Walls - 14/04/2014

New walls featuring Ali Hamish, Jim Vision, Satterugly, Mysterious Al, Rone, David Shillinglaw, Fan, Stika, Vibes, The Lost Souls, and more.

Run.Graffiti Street Art on Grimbsy Street

Featuring Snoe, BRK, Cept, Run, DSCREET, Obit, Mr French, Himbad, Seeds One, Kaes, Piano, and more.

SuperCrewPaintParty.SuperCrewPaintPartySmashdown #2

Featuring Ubangibangi, BIZY, Pang, Float, Himbad, Lipweed, Saki & B, TonyBoy, The Real Dill, Amara Por Dios, Seeds One, Mungo, Skeleton Cardboard, Kef, Pixie, Squirl, SPZero76, Captain Kris, and more.

Thierry Noir.Thierry Noir - 14/04/2014

Street Art by Thierry Noir in east London.

Frontline Magazine.Frontline Magazine - Call for submissions!

UKFrontline are looking for photos of London graffiti for submission to Issue 3 of 'Frontline', London's underground graffiti magazine.

Rone.LDN Events updated - 09/04/2014

New events added including Rone at StolenSpace, Gustavo Ortiz at Pure Evil Department Store, YZ, Roy's People and more in London.

Aset and Panik.Walls and Shutters - 31/03/2014

Walls and Shutters found in London featuring Cept, Reka, DSCREET, Aeon, Aset, Panik, Mean, Zomby, PINS, Vibes, Kid Panama, Ders, Lints, Mr Cenz, Aero, Run and more.

Mighty Mo.Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers - 31/03/2014

Featuring Berner, Wotda, Rors, Are, Bord, Mighty Mo, Spya, Aset, Panik, Pinch, Dark Cloud, Skeleton Cardboard, Clet Abraham, Hekla, Drax, Don, Satterugly, Focus, PIC, TLP, Above, Salcon, Alo and more.

Jim Vision.Jim Vision on Redchurch Street

Graffiti Street Art by Jim Vision - Endoftheline, inspired by Frank Frazetta, in east London.

Thierry Noir.LDN Events updated - 31/03/2014

New events added including Thierry Noir, MOBSTR, Urban Shakedown, Streetfest, Wall to Wall, The Creative Bubble, and more in London.

3Dom.London Walls - 23/03/2014

New walls found in London featuring Spore, Dr Zadok, Pref, DanK, 3Dom, Dep, InkFetish, Pixel Pancho, Dice Z, Nando Mambo, Morsa, DSCREET and more.

616.Graffiti and Street Art - 23/03/2014

Graffiti and Street Art found in London featuring 616, World Domination, Love.piepenbrinck, Bad Juju and more.

Lovepusher.Leake Street - 23/03/2014

Graffiti found in Waterloo, featuring Lovepusher, King Robbo, Tek33, Heis, Drefos, Sterling, SkyHigh, Toes, Sleaf, Pow, Mr French, Kaes, Relay, Raygun, She, Chips, and more.

Mysterious Al.London Walls - 17/03/2014

Graffiti Street Art found in London featuring Olek, Mysterious Al, Mother, Gary, Aroe, Best Ever, David Shillinglaw, Jim Mcelvaney, Borondo, Alexis Diaz, Pixel Pancho, Run, Stika, Edwin, Cane Morto, and more.

C215Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers - 17/03/2014

Featuring Banksy, Aser, Voxx Romana, Mr Fahrenheit, Stealer, Stew, Cyrcle, DeeOne, Dr Cream, Karis Knight, Atomix, Nathan Bowen, TML Stars, C215, Not Dead Yet, London Frontline, and more.

Banksy With Syria.#WithSyria

New charity video tribute by Banksy, Elbow and Idris Elba.

Heroes.LDN Events updated - 13/03/2014

New events including Parlee ERZ at Imitate Modern, and 'Heroes' at Test Space in London.

VibesLondon Walls - 09/03/2014

Graffiti Street Art found in London featuring Vibes, Norm, Cyrcle, Borondo, Airborne Mark, Osch, Graffiti Life, Aero, Mr Cenz and more.

InkFetish and Motel 40HKGraffiti, Street Art and Stickers - 09/03/2014

Graffiti, Street Art, and Stickers featuring ATG, 616, MOBSTR, Don, Alo, TML Stars, Jonesy, DeeOne, Motel, InkFetish and more.

TRPThe Rolling People - 09/03/2014

Graffiti Street Art by Snoe, BRK, Cept on Sclater Street in east London.

GregosGregos - 09/03/2014

Street Art by Gregos found in east London.

LDNGraffiti TV.LDN TV updated - 09/03/2014

Videos from Sweet Toof, Borondo, Tribal Dance, Cant Buff This, and LDNGraffiti...

Mr Cenz.East London Walls - 03/03/2014

Featuring Snoe, BRK, Cept, Seeds One, Pang, Borondo, Aero, Mr Cenz, Dep, Odieth, Fan, SPZero76, Captain Kris, Si Mitchell, Squirl, Graphic Surgery, Teddy Baden, HOD, InkFetish, Ricardo, and more.

Draw.London Graffiti - 03/03/2014

Featuring Bizy, Heat, Ante, Shine Quest, Hekla, Faver, Roan, Raygun, Party, Mayb, Grin, Ynot, Ziner, Doks, Relay, Rels, DPC, Rubik, Prize, Dowta, Owed, Crept, Cheese, Nylon, Mother, Draw, and many more.

Unknown.Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers - 03/03/2014

Featuring Biro, Petro, Trys, MOBSTR, Sweet Toof, Mighty Mo, Himbad, Syd, Clet Abraham, Type, Hekla, Ubangibangi, Cane Morto, Paul Insect, Joyce, Pang, Benjamin Murphy, Norm, and more.

Sweet ToofSweet Toof at The V&A - 03/03/2014

See Studio at 'The Hackney Wick Takeover' of The Victoria and Albert museum in south London.

Wu-Tang.LDN Events updated - 03/03/2014

New events including 'Wu Tang is for the Children', and Pro176 at Pure Evil's Department Store, in east London.

Id-iom.London Walls - 23/02/2014

Featuring Probs, Izer, Sie, Noho, Neas, Run, C215, Pant One, Aroe, Gary, Trafik, Tizer, Higher, Cazer, 2Rise, Mr Cenz, Sénor X, Id-iom, Irony, Airborne Mark, Dep, Ben Slow, and more.

Banksy.Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers - 23/02/2014

Graffiti, Street Art, and Stickers found in London featuring Joyce, Run, Banksy, Jinks, Alo, C3, Jonesy, Syd, Afi, Osch, Pang, Don, Pac One, 616, Dr Zadok, Stewy, Mobstr, Borondo, and more.

Maybe.London Graffiti - 23/02/2014

Graffiti found in London featuring Sput, Kripoe, Sanke, Maybe, Mighty Mo, Loner, Earn, Fat, Hefer, Sie, Temp32, Ferm, BHB, BadCat, Primo, Mek, and more.

FRP.LDN Events updated - 23/02/2014

New events added including, Pen Pushers at the V&A, Drink & Draw, Spring Splash Paint Day from FRP, Femme Fierce at Cre8 Gallery & Waterloo, and more!

Banksy's 'Balloon'.Banksy has left the building...

Photo's of the recent removal of Banksy's 'Balloon Girl' piece from east London, soon to be featured in the 'StealingBanksy?' exhibition, and auction, in the heart of London in April.

C215.LDN Events updated - 06/02/2014

New exhibitions from C215 at StolenSpace, and 'Adhesive' at Test Space, and more, in London...

Ben Slow.East London Walls - 02/02/2014

Walls and pieces found in east London featuring Aero, Mr Cenz, Tizer, Trafik, Higher, Vibes, Dasr, Graffiti Life, The Lost Souls, Jim Vision, Ben Slow, Artista, Amara Por Dios, and more.

Ruk.Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers - 02/02/2014

Graffiti, Street Art, and Stickers found in east London featuring Drax WD, Plin, TML Stars, Art Is Trash, Stra, Stewy, Ruk, Hekla, 2501, Ricardo, Borondo, Jaz, Alo, DeeOne, Jonesy, and more.

Ekon RIP.Ekons RIP - 02/02/2014

A tribute to the sad passing of Ekon by InkFetish and Jasik 40HK, in east London.

Banksy.LDN Events updated - 31/01/2014

STEALING BANKSY? ... New exhibitions and events from Jef Aerosol, Phlegm, The Krah, Shuby, Aida, & Collagism, and more, in London...

ZoomingEast.#ZoomingEast with Nokia UK

Nokia UK recently invited LDNGraffiti to check out the Lumia1020 41MP camera phone, and try and win the phone by taking Slinkachu inspired photos... It appears I have won!?!

LDNGraffiti TV.LDN TV updated - 05/01/2014

New videos including the legendary Futura, a graffiti ninja hoodie battle, Behind The Mask from TWORISE, A graffiti Wordsearch, and The Rock Steady Crew...

ID Crew.LDN Events updated - 05/01/2014

New exhibitions and events from ID Crew, Saber, CageOne, Aito, and more, in London.

LDNGraffiti.Highlights from 2013

I posted over 6,000 photos on the site last year, sorry I couldn't feature them all! Here's 30 of my personal highlights from 2013...

LDNGraffiti.LDNGraffiti 2013 Mosaic

There's over 600 photos from last year in the mosaic, BUT, hang on a second!... there is one image in there that isn't from London?...

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