LDN Graffiti.

Blog updates in 2011

Ventures out and about, site updates and archives. Featuring streets, walls, halls of fame, exhibitions and just about anything found in and around London.

10Foot.50 photographs from 2011

With over 5000+ photographs uploaded to LDNGraffiti over the past year it was quite hard to select 50. These photos have been selected for many different reasons...

MadC at Wenlock Road.50 panoramas from 2011

Using photo-stitching while i'm out and about allows me to take 3 photos and compile them into a panaramic photograph, excellent for long walls and getting artwork in context.

King Robbo, Think 1985.Banksy vs Team Robbo - 24/12/2011

The King's original piece is back! On 19/12/2009 Street Artist Banksy adapted a piece of Graffiti painted in 1985 by original London King Robbo. Team Robbo retaliated, then followed 'The War'...

Banksy. Poplar.Graffiti and Street Art - 24/12/2011

Revok, Roid, Games, Omerta, Probs, Zadok - DeadLeg, Look, LaOne, Loko AIS, Elmo and more. Graffiti and Street Art found in East London, featuring new work from Banksy.

Spray Beast by Vibes.Leake Street, Waterloo - 24/12/2011

Vibes, Cept, Snoe, Saint, Creak, Tors, Amuk, Demo, Amo, Hemer, Raybees, Vins, Since, GOTS Crew, BenMaz, Aero, and more. Graffiti found in the graffiti tunnel in Waterloo, South London.

Sweet Toof.Graffiti and Street Art - 18/12/2011

Games, Towns, Zoer, Ventza, Tope, Temp32, Tilt, Vodka, Swae, Type, Gold Peg, Rowdy, Sweet Toof, DLow, Lolo Ais, Rusht, Public Spirit, Aesop, Skank, Force, Drost, Hekla, Swoon, Mobstr and more.

Tek13 and BRK.Graffiti in East London - 18/12/2011

Snoe, Krah, Kippel, Tizer, Myla, Dscreet, RIP Pete, Norf, Tek13, BRK, Aseb, Jam and more... Graffiti found in Dalston and Wenlock Road, East London.

Games RT. Hackney.Hackney - 11/12/2011

Lengs, Games RT, Hue, Turn, Goodbye, Otaku, Dasr, Andy Seize, Korps One, Deus and Ventza. Graffiti found in the small hall of fame in East London.

Calm and Collected at London West Bank Gallery.Calm & Collected - 11/12/2011

New Exhibition at London West Bank Gallery. Photo's from the opening night on 08/12/2011 of anonymous art collective 'Calm & Collected'. Show runs until 18/12/2011.

Bodes. Stamford Hill.Graffiti and Street Art - 11/12/2011

Bastardilla, Mobstr, Ronzo, Conor Harrington, Ante, Escif, Olivia, Stewy, Jonda, Care, Mighty Monkey, Space Invader and more. Graffiti and Street Art found all over London.

Sign Magazine.Sign Magazine - Issue 05

Download the international Graffiti and Street Art online publication 'Sign' from Spain. It has some great new Graffiti, Street Art, Graphics, Ilustration and more... and it's free!

Neist and more at Wenlock Road.Wenlock Road - 04/12/2011

Tek13, Aseb, Neist and Cemo.
Full set of photos of a great production at Wenlock Road in East London and a history of the spot featuring MadC, Mode2 and more.

Banksy in Poplar.3 new Banksy's in London? - 04/12/2011

Three new pieces found in east and west London seem to be authentic, with one already on Banksy's website, his latest piece appears to have him photographed on 'Foreignstudents.com'...

Space Invader at The Outsiders.Space Invader at The Outsiders - 03/12/2011

Space Invader descends on London for his solo show 'Attack of the Space Waffles' at The Outsiders, Greek Street, W1. Show runs until 24/12/2011.

Banksy at Pictures on Walls.Pictures on Walls - 01/12/2011

New work from Evol, Banksy, Bill Barminski, Jimmy Cauty, Tilt and more at Pictures on Walls, 46-48 Commercial Street, E1. Show runs until 23/12/2011.

Run at Arch402.Street Art at Arch402 - 01/12/2011

Sweet Toof, Ronzo, Cept, Run, Stik, Nathan Bowen, Pure Evil and more. Limited Editions Show at Arch402, Cremer Street, E2. Show runs until 13/01/2012.

Hozae.Trellick Tower & The Pit - 27/11/2011

Moba, 4Sife, Anik, Zom, Dirt, Siege, Drost, Vibes, Dazer, Respa Phiks, Diet, Nekar, Randy, Vulga and more. Graffiti from to legendary halls of fame in West London.

Jam and Tek13.Graffiti and Street Art - 27/11/2011

A new wall, tucked away in east London, with pieces from Aseb, Jam and Tek13 and some new graffiti street art from Zadok, EYG, Don and Nathan Bowen.

Bad Santa's Grotto at GraffikGallery.Bad Santa's Grotto - 27/11/2011

Graffik Gallery, 284 Portobello Road, West London.
Meet 'Bad Santa at Elf Hell' and enjoy the Christmas Festivities with Graffik Gallery in West London.

Tribute to King Robbo by Fathom Audio.Audio: 'Underneath The Painted Sky'

Tribute to King Robbo by Fathom Audio
DJBillion, Sense MC and Codebreaker MC from Fathom Audio have put together a great tribute to King Robbo.

Get well soon King Robbo by Owed.Graffiti in East London - 20/11/2011

Rels, Dazer, Games, Deus, Ventza, Rula, Slam, Prize, Clue, Sub, Owed, Skez, Bake, BRK, Mer, Actean, Canijo de Puta, Johe One, Type, Sickboy and more.

Cosmo Sarson. Hanbury Street.Shutters and Doors - 20/11/2011

Lost Boys, Zomby, Owed, Metizm, Rate, Eine, CodeFC, Nathan Bowen, Mr Penfold, Malarky, Billy, Kata, Pop187, Cosmo Sarson and more Graffiti Street Art on shutters and doors in East London.

ACAB. Hackney.Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers - 20/11/2011

ACAB, LG, False, Masai, Horror Crew, Stewy, Hunto, Nemo, Eine, Mantis, Bastardilla, Olivia, Eska, Parlee, Mer, Shiz, Evol, Space Invader, CodeFC, Public Spirit and more.

3d Street Art by SmugOne for Müller.SmugOne creates 3D street art - 15/11/2011

Dairy giant Müller worked with world renowned street artist Smug who worked tirelessly over a weekend to create London’s largest ever example of 3d photo-realistic street art in the heart of the city.

Robbo by Banksy.Banksy vs Team Robbo - 10/11/2011

On 19/12/2009 Street Artist Banksy adapted a piece of Graffiti painted in 1985 by original London King Robbo. Team Robbo retaliated, then followed 'The War'. Has Banksy turned things around again?

Great Eastern Street.LDN Panoramas - 06/11/2011

Mobstr, Horror, Malarky, Temp32, Mother, Best Ever, InkFetish, Muro, Matem, Txemey, The Krah and many more. A selection of some new panoramic photos from all over London.

Cose at Market Road.Graffiti in North London - 06/11/2011

Rezine69, Cose, Wins, Heatoh, Aser, Temp32, Congo, Astro, Mawb, Nyze, Cept and more. Some new graffiti found along Market Road in North London.

Dr D at Cordy House.Graffiti and Street Art - 06/11/2011

Dr D, Malarky, Mother, Mobstr, Teddy Baden, The Krah, Stewy, Tek33, Mighty Monkey, Elmo and more. Graffiti and Street Art found in North and East London.

MissBugs at OccupyLSX.OccupyLSX - 01/11/2011

Banksy, Zeus, K-Guy, MissBugs and more.
New Photos from 'OccupyLSX', the anti-capitalist demonstrations at St Pauls Cathedral in the City of London.

Jasik and InkFetish.Shutters and Doors - 29/10/2011

Sweet Toof, Malarky, Stik, Otto Schade, The Krah, Probs, Remi, Dabs, Myla, Jasik, InkFetish, Xem and More. Graffiti Street Art found on doors and shutters in East London..

Team Robbo at Alexandra Palace.Graffiti in North London - 29/10/2011

Team Robbo, RocStars, Snoe, Rose, Dasr, Toaster, Dowta, Grose, Bord and more. Some new graffiti found in Alexandra Palace and Parkland Walk in North London.

Great Eastern Street.Great Eastern Street to become 2012 art destination - 'The Wall'

Plans for London’s ‘most public art gallery’ have been announced, with Great Eastern Street being turned into an outdoor art space for 2012.

Alphabet by Dasr.Graffiti in East London - 23/10/2011

Dasr, Snatch Zaki Dee, Norf1, Tizer, Mighty Mo, Sweet Toof, Rant, Neat, Hue, Turn, Twesh, Sare, Spyer, Mear and more. New graffiti by some of London's best writers found in two spots in East London.

Islington Police Station.Graffiti and Street Art - 23/10/2011

Temp32, Grose, LGang, Sure, Neet, Grit, Lone, Public Spirit, Insa, Pure Evil, Sweet Toof, Tek33, Masika, Fenza, Bambi, Alec Monopoly, Ghetto Blaster, Mean, Drax and more.

Tesco Kids. Team Robbo vs Banksy. Essex Road.Graffiti and Street Art - 17/10/2011

Team Robbo vs Banksy, Nathan Bowen, Zoer, Zadok and Bleach .
Graffiti and Street Art found all over London including another hit for Team Robbo and some great new work from Zadok and Bleach.

Ghetto Farceur and 80's Conspiracy. Holywell Lane.Holywell Lane - 16/10/2011

Ghetto Farceur, 80's Conspiracy, Shane, Bonzai, 3dom, Zoer, Kems, Score, Roids, Opium, Amuk, Poer, Epok, C215, D*Face and more.
Some amazing new pieces from renowned international Artists.

Mother. Great Eastern Street.Great Eastern Street - 16/10/2011

Shane, Kanos, Astro, Probs, Word to Mother, Ronzo, Txemy, Muro, Matem and more. Lots of new work in the run up to the Moniker Arts Fair in East London.

The Meeting of Styles 2011.The Meeting of Styles 2011

Hornsey Street, Holloway, North London. Organised by EndoftheLine, the meeting of some of the best international Graffiti Artists has once again seen some fantastic work created.

Stik at Graffik Gallery.Stik at Graffik Gallery - 06/10/2011

Solo show opening at 284 Portobello Road, West London.
Photo's from the opening night of Stik's new solo exhibition and Stik's first tattoo! The show runs until 20/10/2011.

Mau Mau. Hackney Wick.Hackney Wick - 01/10/2011

Sweet Toof, Mighty Monkey, Gold Peg, Tek33, Mau Mau, Run, Twesh, Mars, BRK, Skez, Chew, Public Spirit and more. Lots of Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers found all over Hackney Wick in East London.

LDN by Jam. Hackney.Hackney Estate - 01/10/2011

Drax, Dasr, Rels, Soleo, Jam, Sare, Ringo and more.
Some great work from some of London's great writers in the hall of fame in East London.

Krane. Markfield Park.Markfield Park - 01/10/2011

Shye, Hero, Auto, Krane, Kazu, Dyelk, Pedro and more.
The walls at Markfield Park in North London have some great new work from some of London's great writers.

Zomby. Trellick Tower.Trellick Tower and The Pit - 29/09/2011

Aseb, Zomby, Tek13, Jam, Akt1, Neka, Simply Rockers and more.
Halls of fame in West London have some new work by some of London's leading writers.

BRK and Pins. Holywell Lane.East London Walls - 25/09/2011

Sweet Toof, Cept, Pins, BRK, Probs, Siku, Malarky, Andy Seize, Sick Mushroom and Mr Nix. New walls have been painted in East London and a great Team Robbo dedication from Belgium.

Marilyn Monroe. Islington.Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers - 25/09/2011

Nemo, Mr P, Public Spirit, Nathan Bowen, Don, Roa and many more. Lots of great Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers found all over East and North London.

Lyken. Holywell Lane.Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers - 20/09/2011

El Mac, Insa, Probs, She1, Lyken, Phlegm, Flem, Shrub, Rest, Anus, Hefs, Noka and many more. Lots of great new work found all over East, West and North London.

LDNGraffiti in Brussels, Belgium.LDNGraffiti in Belgium - 18/09/2011

Nawa, Gorilla AF, Idiot, Bonom, Tsunami, Ebola, Covak, Crack, MTV and many more. Some great Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers found in Antwerp, Mechelen and Brussels, Belgium over a long weekend.

T*Wat at Graffik Gallery.NEW: T*wat at Graffik Gallery - 15/09/2011

Exhibition preview at 284 Portobello Road, West London.
Photo's from the first solo exhibition for Street Artist 'T*Wat'. The show runs until 05/10/2011.

Zime SOL, Toasters Crew and Sektie SOL.SOL crew and Toaster, Parkland Walk - 12/09/2011

Some new work painted along an old railway track in North London by some great international Street Artists was sadly removed within a few days...

Zomby at The PitHackney Estate and The Pit - 12/09/2011

Akt1, Diet, Zomby, Baps, Dsyer, Envy, Iku, Duba, Das1, Antie and more.
Some great work from some of London's great writers in East and West London, (Pics taken: 03/09/2011).

King Robbo by Das1.King Robbo Art Auction - 04/09/2011

Akt1, Aroe, Astek, Das1, Slice, Stewy, Pure Evil, Zombie, Zaki Dee and many more. Some fantastic pieces donated and sold at the King Robbo Auction at Cargo in East London.

Demo at Trellick Tower.Trellick Tower - 03/09/2011

Anik, Owed, Klue, Siege, EGS, Petro, Demo many more.
Some great new pieces from some London legends at the old hall of fame in West London.

For King Robbo by Aroe MSK.King Robbo Art Auction Preview - 01/09/2011

Aroe, Astek, Blade, KeenOne, Inkie, Rain Man, Akt1, Petro and many, many more. There has been some fantastic donations, previewed at the Pure Evil Gallery to raise money for the King Robbo Art Auction.

Have a nice day at Parkland Walk.Parkland Walk - 29/08/2011

Neas, Hacker, Prop, Ire, Homie, Gees and more.
Some nice work found along the Parkland Walk in Finsbury Park, North London.

King Robbo by Das.Hackney Estate - 28/08/2011

Spya, Ream, Spat, Das, Aseb, Tek13, Disko, Camo, Send, Drax, Fume and more. Some great new work at the hall of fame in Hackney, including a great tribute to King Robbo by Das.

Fuck BTP at Markfield Park.Markfield Park - 28/08/2011

Tebz, Sput, DPK, Fuder, Sluts, Vier, Non Stop, Prop and more.
Lots of new work found at the trackside spot at Markfield Park in South Tottenham.

Jerry at Alexandra Palace.Alexandra Palace - 28/08/2011

SYE Tc5, WEBOLEUM, Fba, Fc, Yz, Ludvig and Boost.
Some great work found in the small skate park at Alexandra Palace in North London.

3Rigs, Crazi and Tox.Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers - 28/08/2011

Team Robbo vs Banksy, Toaster, Zime, Sektie, DDS, 10Foot, Gold Peg, Mighty Monkey, Tek33, Dceve and more. Some great work found all over London including a new piece along Farringdon tracks...

Goldie at Stockwell hall of fame.Stockwell Estate - 22/08/2011

Goldie, TatsCru, Ghetto Farceur, Bonzai, Solo1 and many more.
Some legendary international Graffiti Artists from France, USA and the United Kingdom made a surprise visit to the Stockwell hall of fame.

Astek. Winner of The Battle of Waterloo 2011.The Battle of Waterloo 2011

Astek, Owed, Demo and many more.
Chrome & Black's annual Graffiti battle in Leake Street, Waterloo, featured some great work produced by some of London's best writers.

Ders, RT Crew.Stockwell Estate - 14/08/2011

Games, Crome, Ders, LovePusher, Tizer, Wisher, Shucks, Pref, Relay, Tabs, CosOne, Antie, Deps, Zaki, Solo1 and more. One of the best legal spots in London, painted by some of London's Graffiti legends.

Rels and Owed.Hackney Estate - 14/08/2011

Das, Ream, Gemz, BRK, Rels, Owed, Norf, Jobs, Send, Drax and more. A small basketball court in Hackney has recently been refreshed by some classic London writers.

Team Robbo.King Robbo Fundraiser Event & Art Auction

04/09/2011. Cargo, 83 Rivington Street, 1pm to Midnight, 8pm Auction.
A fundraising event and art auction has been organised with all proceeds going to the King Robbo trust.

Top Cat, King Robbo.Graffiti Wars

Channel 4, 10:30pm, Sunday 14th August
Here's the trailer for Channel 4's forthcoming television documentary following King Robbo as he wages turf war with Street Artist Banksy.

lown by Gnasher. Tamworth 2011.Welcome to the Freak Show, Tamworth 2011

Goat, KeMef, Mac1, Rmer, Essex Rockers, Gnasher, Blavoe, Seyer, Faver, SinCru, PIcto, Eska, Hush, Urge, Mono and many more...
Some fantastic work at a great jam in Tamworth - 06/08/2011.

Brugge Skate Park.LDNGraffiti in Brugge, Belgium

Roa, Dandy Crab, Lempke, Omek, Crem, Mowr, Cruel, MrKeep, Crok, Neka, Anik and more. Some great Graffiti and Street Art from a recent trip to Brugges, in Belgium.

Jet, Parkland Walk.Parkland Walk - 07/08/2011

Jet97, Grose, Horny, Kink, Rodney, Dize, Yles, Pilot and more.
Some great new Graffiti found along Parkland Walk, in Finsbury Park, North London.

TeamLDN by Pojo.Happy Birthday LDNGraffiti! - 01/08/2011

LDNGraffiti celebrates it's first birthday, better late than never. I've selected ten pictures which have meant a lot to me over the last year. I look forward to continue to build on the site!

Amy Winehouse by Jonda1.Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers - 30/07/2011

Grafter, Dr D, Parlee, Malarky, Burning Candy, Isaac Cordal, Hot Tea, Jonda1 and more. Some great new Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers found all over London.

Dep and Tizer.Billboard by Dep and Tizer (Video)

Dep and Tizer (Paintshop Studio) recently painted the winning entry of a competition held by Vauxhall on a billboard near the Foundry in Old Street, East London.

Whitecross Street.Whitecross Street - 25/07/2011

Mr E. Dawe, Ronzo, Filthy Luker, Mysterious Al, Games, Tizer, Twesh, Cage one, Mac1, Part2ism, Petra Paness and more. Whitecross Street in East London recently held it's annual Graffiti Street Art festival.

Title. Splash Art Session.Splash Art Session - 23/07/2011

Eska, SkyHigh, Ders RT, Sterling, Picto, Shiz, Brisk, 2Rise, Korpz1, Carl, Hush, Parlee, Aseb, Cemo, Title, Born, Kem, Mek, Astem, Chuck1 and many more. This year's Splash Art Session in Twickenham.

Alfa and Vibes.Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers - 23/07/2011

10Foot, Paul Insect, Temp32, Grose, Nekah, Man, Flem, Das, Vibes, Alfa, Zelda, and more. Some great new Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers found all over London.

Lempke. Eindhoven 2011.Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers, Eindhoven

Lempke, Eau, Zime, Space3, Zenk, Reval, Nilem, Caros and more.
Lots of very diverse work found on a recent trip to Eindhoven, in the Brabant region of the Netherlands.

Hidden Beauty 2011.Hidden Beauty 2011, Eindhoven

Signs of Life, Zedz, Nychos, Belin, Booyabase and many more.
International Street Art event 'Hidden Beauty' brought together a unique mix of talented Graffiti Street Artists in an old factory in Eindhoven.

Step In The Arena 2011.Step In The Arena 2011, Eindhoven

The largest international Graffiti festival in the Netherlands recently took place in Eindhoven, featuring many accomplished Artists including Aroe, Belin, Nash, Pencil, Opium, Swet and many more.

Freehand. Alexandra Palace.Graffiti - 07/07/2011

Aseb, Cemo, Dyelk, Gnasher, Freehand, Panel, Wesa, Noch, Spat, Jam and many more. Lots of great Graffiti found in Markfield Park, Lloyds Park, Parkland Walk and Alexandra Palace in North London.

Robert Wyatt by Stewy.Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers - 02/07/2011

Add, Banksy, Clet Abraham, Akt1, Insane, Muffin Man, Stewy, Toaster and more. Some great new Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers, including strange a series of holes? found around London.

RIP Brian Haw.Parkland Walk & Leake Street - 02/07/2011

Jetski, Lone, Shark, Groser, 10Foot, Don, Ludvig, Spat, Chaos, Robbo. Tek33. PIC. Big Moe. Euros. LovePusher, Fact and more. Some great new Graffiti found in North and South London.

Spat and Sance.Graffiti - 26/06/2011

Plak, Wotda, Nemis, Jobzy, Hope, She, Dupie, Aesop, Spyar, Rels, Heatoe, ESA Crew, Spat, SancÚ and more. Some great new Graffiti found in West and East London.

RIP Real.Graffiti - 25/06/2011

Jimbob, Rakit, Type, Shiz, Dyelk, Gnasher, Tope, Grose.
Lots of diverse work found around London.
RIP Real. Sad to hear of the loss of another great writer.

ATG.Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers - 25/06/2011

ATG, Korpz1, Probs, Milo Tchais, Narcélio Grud, Public Spirit, St8ment, Earth Folk, Arson, Toner, Mr Farenheit, The Krah and more..
Lots of diverse work found around East London.

Malarky.Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers - 18/06/2011

Busk, Bleach, Zadok, Enter, Deo, Konirow, Best Ever, Public Spirit, Tek13, Blam, Malarky, Stewy, Type and more..
Lots of diverse work found all over London.

Aroe. MSK HA.Stockwell - 14/06/2011

Motor, Ebot, Neonita, Solo1, LovePusher, Snatch, Zaki, Jadell, Aroe, Roids, Relay, Cemo, Tek13, Rasty, Achoe and more.
Some excellent Graffiti in the South London hall of fame.

Alec Monopoly.Alex Monopoly at Graffik Gallery

284 Portobello Road. London W10.
New York Street Artist Alec Monopoly has an exhibition running from 09/06-23/06/2011. Here's some pics from the opening night.

Drax WD.Drax Interview by Steam156

Steam156 from AerosolPlanet.com has interviewed Drax, the original London and international Graffiti legend.

Crok. The Pit.Graffiti and Street Art - 10/06/2011

Crok, Wisher, Suede, Pasoe, Bonsa, 3RD2, Omerta, Diet, Gas, Kurdyz, Demo, Alec Monopoly, Haculla, T*Wat, Insane, Skam, Spawn, Rekit, Don, Astek, Anik and more. Some great new work in West London.

Vizio. ES1.ES1 - 05/06/2011

South London squat Graffiti.
Probs, Spat, Stik, Mear, Respa, Cosa, 2Kold, Vizio, Ves and more.
Some surprising Graffiti deep in South London.

Cept. Hackney.Graffiti and Street Art - 04/06/2011

Temp32, Props, Masika, Burning Candy, This Is My Costume, Tek13, Take, Zami and more. Lots of interesting Graffiti and Street Art found all over North and East London.

Nemo and Run. Hackney Wick.Hackney Wick - 04/06/2011

Busk, Skire, Xenz, Nemo, Run, Post Mortem, Phlegm and more.
Perhaps some of the last pieces to be painted at White Post Yard as it is soon too be shut down and redeveloped. A great loss for Hackney.

Dyelk.Parkland Walk & Markfield Park - 04/06/2011

Grose, Tope, Dowta, Since, Work, Riot, Stage, Dyelk, 3Hand and more.
Photos taken from 29-31/05/2011. Some great new pieces at the hall of fame in South Tottenham and along Parkland Walk.

Eaz RIP.Alexandra Palace & Hackney - 30/05/2011

Cry, Doze, Demon, Disk, Insane, Aser, Aseb, Tek13, Das, BRK, Ryze, Andy Seize and more. Some great new Graffiti by some London legends found in North and East London.

Run.Graffiti and Street Art - 28/05/2011

Pickles, Lisk, Mears, Mersh, Jonda, Chu, She1, Probs, Run and more.
Great new piece on a Dalston rooftop from Run and other of Graffiti and Street Art from around London.

Mr P.South Bank and Leake Street - 23/05/2011

Mr P, Eine, Jasik, Color, Gasp, Dicer, Don, Roids, Relay and many more. Some great Street Art and Graffiti found along the South Bank and in Leake Street tunnel.

Upmost.Upmost Magazine #6

Tags are the rawest form of Graffiti, always changing the look of the streets, now in its sixth issue, UPMOST aims to bring fresh tags from all corners of the city.

Estum.Graffiti and Street Art - 21/05/2011

Toaster, Zelda, Lost Boys, False, Panik, Leet, Getup, Lone, Horfe, Grose, Probs, Tizer, Dep and many more. Lots of diverse Street Art and Graffiti found all over London.

Latimer Road.The Westway - 17/05/2011

Games, Tizer, Inkie, Dep, Revert, Diet, She, 2Nite, Bronk and more.
Some great Graffiti found around the Westway on Portobello and Latimer Road in West London.

Siege.The Pit and Trellick Tower - 17/05/2011

Pref, Math, Trev, Dize, Yles, Siege, Achoe, Rews, Epoxy, Suede, Anik and more. Some great productions from some London Legends found at West London halls of fame .

Grose ATG OPD.Graffiti and Street Art - 15/05/2011

Dyelk, Blavoe, Jonda, Grose, InkFetish, Dep, Belin, Tizer, Probs, Roids, Horfe, Neas, Bang and more. Diverse Graffiti and Street Art found all over London.

Urge and Aseb. Stockwell.Stockwell - 12/05/2011

Tek13, Sare, Stoke, Shine, Quest, Brave1, Ante, Cemo, Das, Neist, Urge, Aseb, Revert, Solo1, LovePusher, Bonzai, Wrist and more. Some stunning Graffiti in the South London hall of fame.

Curtain Road.Graffiti and Street Art - 08/05/2011

Nathan Bowen, Sonofrecession, Bambi, Temp32, Grose, Perk and more. Lots of diverse Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers found all over London in the past week.

CodeFC. Parkland Walk.Parkland Walk - 08/05/2011

Amo, Bord, Dsk, Horny, Gonzo, Nike, Leet, Lengs, Soke and more.
New Graffiti along Parkland walk, Finsbury Park, featuring some unexpected pieces on the old train track.

The Thing by Shucks.West London Graffiti - 04/05/2011

Siege, Akt1, Crok, Slam, Dize, Zomby, Shucks, Wisher, Pref, Rews, Muck, Cither, Achoe, Motel, InkFetish, Jasik, CodeFC and more.
Some excellent work in West London at the Pit, Trellick, and Westway.

2Rise at Stockwell.Stockwell Game Jam - 30/04/2011

A great day in Stockwell with work by Bonzai, JXC, Bantu, 2Rise, Twerk, Mobusy, Gnasher, Shiz, Korps, Phorm, Twice, Coe1, Favour, GraffitiLife, Reak, BRK, Nehs, Blaze, Ioya1, Hue and Lovepusher.

King Robbo by Das.Graffiti in Hackney - 30/04/2011

Amo, Aidan, 4Syth, Boms, Panel, Skya, Drax, Wotda, Jobs, Met, Owed and Das. Some great pieces for King Robbo in the quiet hall of fame in Hackney.

Get Well Soon Robbo by Crok.Abbey Road - 29/04/2011

Some great work for Robbo at Abbey Road by Disk, Insane, Jet, Shades, Doze, Cry, Scam, Drax, Crok, Skore, Seaz, Slice, Demon, Merc, Corze, Time, Care and KeenOne.

Abstract Graffiti by Cedar Lewisohn.Abstract Graffiti

New book by Cedar Lewisohn. With contributions from and interviews with Rammellzee, Barbara Kruger, Sweet Toof and Tek33, System, Crew Against People and more.

The Fifth Plinth.Opening night at West Bank Gallery - 28/04/2011

Bleach, KGuy, Fin DAC, Inkie, Eyesaw, Lucy Sparrow and many more.
A new gallery opening in an old unused bank in Westbourne Grove has some nice work on show.

King 'Top Cat' Robbo.King Robbo Update - 26/04/2011

Statement from 'The King Robbo Trust'.
LDNGraffiti has recieved a statement from Team Robbo with latest details of King Robbo's recent accident...

Basquiat by Rough and System.New Banksy - 26/04/2011

Clipstone Street, W1.
Referencing an anarchist slogan by Emma Goldman and perhaps a shout to Invader & Revok who were recently arrested in LA...

Basquiat by Rough and System.Stockwell - 23/04/2011

Merc, Phed, Corze, Solo One, Reak, Korpz, Zaki, Snatch, Twesh, Rough, System, Aseb and Cemo. Some excellent pieces in the South London Hall of Fame.

Krane at Markfield ParkGraffiti and Street Art - 22/04/2011

Gnasher, Shoom, Spyer, Krane, Auto, Roa, Sweet Toof and many more. Lots of great Street Art and Graffiti found at Lloyds Park, Markfield Park and Hackney.

DPC Bode. Alexandra Palace.Graffiti and Street Art - 17/04/2011

Hero, Auto, Gin, Gold Peg, De Feo, Norf, Spat, Phlegm and many more.
Lots of diverse Street Art and Graffiti found at Hackney Wick, Alexandra Palace and all over London.

MadC.MadC in East London - 15/04/2011

Final photos of the completed warehouse on Wenlock Road, inside and out, and some photos from the opening night of her first UK solo show at Pure Evil Gallery.

Gnasher and Dyelk.Markfield Park - 10/04/2011

Fenza, Real, Spat, Ream, Cosa, Jam, Imos, Ludvig, Ceres, Gnasher, Dyelk, Snoe, Temp32, BRK, Jonda and many more... The walls have been completely refreshed over the weekend.

Get well soon King Robbo!Team Robbo at Signal Gallery - 07/04/2011

King Robbo, Choci, Doze, Prime, P.I.C. (WRH) and Pranksky.
Some great pieces at the opening night of the Team Robbo group show at the Signal Gallery in East London.

Gold Peg.Graffiti and Street Art - 03/04/2011

Type, Pure Evil, Isoe, Eska, Probs, Gold Peg and more..
Some diverse pieces from all over London. Lots of Stickers, new work from around Brick Lane and a great new piece from Gold Peg!

Mural by Eine.New Eine in Central London - 03/04/2011

Covent Garden, 26 & 27/03/2011.
Last weekend Street Artist 'Ben Eine' was commissioned to paint the side wall of the London Graphic Centre.

City of London.Graffiti and Street Art - 27/03/2011

T32, Grose, ATG, Space Invader, Team Robbo, Cos, Pic and more..
Lots of great photo opportunities all over London. New works from some of London's most infamous Graffiti Writers and Street Artists.

Parkland Walk.Parkland Walk - 26/03/2011

Auto, Krane, Zime, Space3, Toaster, Football Crew and more.
Some great new pieces along Parkland Walk in North London, including an nice new wall for the football court...

London Tonight DVD.London Tonight - DVD

London Tonight documents London Graffiti, focusing on pieces painted on the London Underground System. The DVD has been recently launched and is available from VisionFilmsUK.com.

No Cuts March - 26/03/2011.No Cuts March - 26/03/2011

Some 250,000 people gathered in Central London to protest against Government budget spending cuts to the public sector in the UK. Seems the was some damage done...

Cos, Team Robbo.Banksy vs Team Robbo - 22/03/2011

On 19/12/2009 Street Artist Banksy adapted a piece of Graffiti painted in 1985 by original London King Robbo. Team Robbo have recently returned and added a new tag...

Girls on Top.Girls on Top - 19/03/2011

Spring Jam 2011 at Stockwell.
Pieces painted by the Girls of GOT crew as well as some great pieces from some of London's finest...

Harry Hill.Markfield Park - 13/03/2011

Riot, 4Sife, Tager, Crane, Dyelk, Sey, 3Hand and more...
Some back-dated pics taken last weekend at Markfield Park in South Tottenham by Pojo...

New boards at the Pit.The Pit lives! - 15/03/2011

Disk, Demon, Insane, Robbo and more...
The Pit now has brand new boards, already decorated with some new Graffiti! The legendary Hall of Fame lives on...

We will rock you.West London - 10/03/2011

Siege, Akt1, Robbo, Cut, Serva, Toxic, Dets, 10Foot, Zom, and more...
Great pieces at Trellick Tower, as ever, and pics of some of the London legends along the Westway...

RIP The Pit.RIP The Pit - 06/03/2011

Wornington Road. West London.
Sadly the legendary Hall of Fame is being demolished. There are now only a few legal spots left in London.

Run. The Foundry.Graffiti and Street Art - 05/03/2011

Dasr, Temp32, Tope, Norf, BRK, THL, Roa, Run, Zezao and more...
Hackney, The Foundry and more. Excellent Graffiti and Street Art found all over London.

Stik.'Single' by Stik. Street Art Exhibition - 02/03/2011

The Subway Gallery, West London.
Stik has a new exhibtion located in Joe Strummer Subway running until 26/03/2011.

Skeam RIP.Stockwell and Leake Street - 27/02/2011

Skeam RIP, Orikl, Tors, Mash, Jive, LovePusher, Seize and more...
Dedications to Skeam in the Stockwell Hall of fame and plenty of great pieces in Leake Street, Waterloo.

Vagabond, Cartrain and Banksy.Banksy vs Team Robbo - 22/02/2011

On 19/12/2009 Street Artist Banksy adapted a piece of Graffiti painted in 1985 by original London King Robbo. It has now been adorned with an Oscar and an interesting tag...

Astro.Graffiti and Street Art - 21/02/2011

Arghs, Astro, Dem, Ment, Vodka, Vision, OTwo, She1 and more...
Lots of pieces found all over London. Some great pieces from Dem in Waterloo and nice canalside piece from Astro.

Street Fonts.Street Fonts

New book by Claudia Walde.
Claudia Walde spent over 2 years collecting alphabets by 154 Artists - all of whom have roots in Graffiti - from 30 countries around the world.

Top Cat Robbo.Robbo WRH WD PFB KOA KAOS inc UA

LDNGraffiti has interviewed the legendary Robbo, Graffiti pioneer and original London King. In his own words he describes his involvement in the London Graffiti scene.

Dyelk.Markfield Park - 06/02/2011

Dyelk, Pedro, Glor, Sey, Blavoe, Bino, Paranoid, Crane, Hero, Colt45, Gnasher, Snatch, Zaki and more. Some great walls and pieces in the South Tottenham skate park.

Inkfetish.North London Graffiti - 06/02/2011

Alexandra Palace and Parkland Walk.
Some great pieces in 'Ally Pally', and some new pics from Pojo featuring Doze, Insane, Disk, Bord, Gros, Tope and more.

Represent London.Hackney Estate - 05/02/2011

Norf, Toni, Rels, Nehs, BRK, Matem, Zomby, Blaze, Ders, Vibes, Siege, Fume and more. Some great Graffiti down in small baseball court which is becoming a well known spot in London.

Demo and Dicer.Stockwell - 30/01/2011

Bonzai, Solo1, Tizer, Mash, Motor, Jasik, Sepr, Poer, Demo, Dicer, Neonita, Korpz, Phorm and Revert. A cold day but worth the visit down south to the Stockwell Estate.

Tron RIP.Leake Street, Waterloo - 28/01/2011

Zaki, Jade, Don, Jester, Spat, Slam, Wisher, Robbo, Blaze and more...
17-19/01/2011. Two days passing through the Tunnel in Waterloo last week lead to some great finds...

10Foot.Graffiti and Street Art - 24/01/2011

Aser, Argh, Type, Horny, Banksy, Elmo, Toaster, 10Foot and more...
Some Trains and Trackside pieces from around North London, a new Banksy in Victoria and the Buffers hit Camden Canal.

Living Room by Banksy.Banksy vs Team Robbo 21/01/2011

On 19/12/2009 Street Artist Banksy adapted a piece of Graffiti painted in 1985 by London Graffiti Pioneer Robbo. Has Banksy? reignited the feud?...

Wrist.Stockwell - 16/01/2011

Vibes, Daze, Towns, Dasr, Bens, Revert, Bonzai, Demo and more...
Some great Graffiti in the Stockwell Hall of Fame by some of London's most innovative Writers.

Snatch.Graffiti in Hackney - 10/01/2011

ATG. Skire, Tizer, Shye and more...
A basketball court in an estate in Hackney has recently been refreshed by some classic London Writers.

Suffer the Children.Street Art - 10/01/2011

CodeFC, Focus, Mackay, Public Spirit, Stik, Toaster and more...
Street Art found across London, including a nice billboard spotted in Kentish Town and some older pics from 2010.

Hackney.Graffiti Writers

New: Bonzai, Busk, Probs, Spat and Zomby...
5 Writers have been added to the Writers listings, with more to come throughout 2011!

C215.Street Artists

New: C215, Only1Duk, Shepard Fairey, Stik and Toaster...
5 Street Artists have been added to the Street Artist listings, with more to come throughout 2011!

Finsbury Park.Graffiti and Street Art - 06/01/2011

Ben Wilson, Ater, Owed, Slam, Neka, Dyelk, Gear and more...
Here's to the new one! Some 'Chewing' gum in Muswell Hill and recent pics from Parkland Walk, Alexandra Palace and Markfield Park.

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