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Blog updates in 2010

Ventures out and about, site updates and archives from the first year of LDNGraffiti. Featuring streets, walls, halls of fame, exhibitions and just about anything found in and around London.

LDN Graffiti.100 pics from 2010

100 pics selected, for many different reasons, from the LDN image database uploaded since launch on 01/08/2010. With over 2000 images to look through this was a real challenge to select 100...

Spiderman by Probs.Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers - 26/12/2010

Arrgh, Nychos, Revert, Probs, Pest, DeadLeg, Best Ever and more...
Commission work from EndoftheLine and Cordy House has a new piece from DeadLeg and BestEver among other things...

Bue. Gent.LDNGraffiti in Belgium - 20/12/2010

Animal Farm, Color, Kozer, Nawas, Rase, Bue, Roa and more...
A recent trip to Antwerp, Brussels and Gent allowed me to see work from some of Belgiums' finest.

Stay up!Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers - 16/12/2010

Deth, Funky, Getup, Panik, Asure, Pup1, Sewda, Toaster and more.
Alexandra Palace, Old Rollers in Queens Woods and a grimy little car wash are among new photos from North and East London.

Nychos.Graffiti and Street Art - 12/12/2010

Tek33, Sweet Toof, Pure Evil, Touch, Shaby, Probs, Nychos and Vibes.
A great new piece on Curtain Road, new 'John Wayne' paste-ups and various shutters found around East London.

Jam.Jam's Tunnel - 09/12/2010

Jam, Boms, Stiz, Dowt, Font, Type, Harm, Panik, Spat and more.
A derelict tunnel in London has become a secretive hall of fame for some of London's most dedicated writers.

Love Monster at Alexandra Palace.Graffiti Street Art - 05/12/2010

DPC, Delete, Slam, OhNo, Since, Tager, Stewy and more...
Some great work found in Alexandra Palace, Markfield Park and other parts of London.

Filthy Luker.Street Art Galleries - 05/12/2010

'The Rising Stars of Bethnalhem' at the High Roller Society, Bill London at EastPak Store and Stik, Swoon and Neckface at a new pop-up gallery from LavaCollective in Kingly Court.

London Tonight DVD.London Tonight DVD Launch - 03/12/2010

'2010 Steel Injection' by VisionFilmsUK.
Featuring exclusive footage and insights from the London Underground Graffiti scene, filmed over the last 10 years.

LondonCityGraff.New Graffiti Blog/Website!

LondonCityGraff (http://londoncitygraff.blogspot.com/)
A new photo-blog, capturing loads of great Graffiti found all over London, continually updated...

Organised by Pictures on Walls.Marks and Stencils - 01/12/2010

Banksy, Dran, 3D, Cyclops, Aryz, and many more...
A pop-up exhibtion in Soho hosts the first show in the UK for Dran and new works from Banksy and others.

Run in Hackney.Graffiti Street Art - 28/11/2010

C215, David Walker, Dead Leg, Shiz, Team Robbo, Type and more...
A selection of Graffiti and Street Art. I found some great pieces this week including a bit of contentious Football Graffiti in North London.

DDS.Squat, Old Street - 22/11/2010

Band, Drax, Fels, Owed, Rome, Sick, Spya and Sub...
A lost squat has some remnants of an old party? in 2009. The property is battered and mostly in darkness but still allowed some photos.

The Pit.Trellick Tower and The Pit - 20/11/2010

Dets, Demo, Demon, Jive, Neat and Func, Shu, WMB and more...
Some long standing pieces from Trellick and some great new pieces by Neat, Func and Demo at The Pit in West London.

Eska.Graffiti Street Art - 17/11/2010

10Foot, ATG, Eska, Rels & Dasr, Sewda, Slam, Taze, Henry Chalfant...
Some great work in Gillespie Park Trackside, Finsbury Park and Leake Street in Waterloo, also a pic of Goldie and Henry Chalfant!

Nathan Bowen.Graffiti Street Art - 13/11/2010

ATG, Cept, Dr D, Nims, Panik, Roa, Ronzo, Solo1, Sput, Toaster...
Street Work in East London from some prominent Artists. Dr D has hit the Foundry, Nathan Bowen, ATG and Cept have also been busy.

London Black Book.London black book Launch - 11/11/2010

London black book is packed full of sketches, outlines and characters from 200 of London's most diverse and influentual Graffiti Artists from the last 3 decades.

C215.Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers - 07/11/2010

ATG, C215, Eine, Insa, Invader, Robbo, Revert, Spat, Stik, Zomby...
40 photo's this week, there's been some new ATG/THL in Old Street, and finally got some pics of Eine's new work near Brick Lane.

Paris.LDNGraffiti in Paris - 31/10/2010

I thought i'd start adding the occasional collection of photos from trips abroad. There's so much amazing work I see out and about it would be a shame not to include it. More soon!

Robbo.Graffiti Street Art - 29/10/2010

Markfield Park, Parkland Walk, Waterloo and more,...
Crane, Jaf, Dyelk, Dize, Kyzbr, Gas, OPD, Prop, ZIme, Invader, Pic, Robbo, Shiz, Brisk, BRK, Cruel, Mr Met, Crept, Relay, Rels, Ludvig.

KeenOne.Abbey Road - 23/10/2010

'Olds Kool' Jam: ChociRoc, Demon, Disk, Don, Doze, Drax, Elate, Ewok, Insane, Jet, Keen1, Kilo, Merc, Part2, Pic, Prime, Rage, Robbo, Score, Shades, Smile.

Roid.Latimer Road - 23/10/2010

Chrome Angelz, Roids, Plastic Bones, Akt1, Petro, CodeFC...
Great pieces from 'The Others' and more... This secrective spot in west London has some excellent works.

Zomby.The Pit - 23/10/2010

Akt1, Seige, Func, WRH, OPD, BRK, Zomby, Merok and Cruel.
The Pit has been refreshed by some of London's finest Graffiti Writers. I don't think i've ever seen so many hit-ups on one piece.

Daze.Trellick Tower - 23/10/2010

Relish, Odisie, Twesh, Neas, Ders, Crome, Towns, Vibes, Daze...
Some great pieces by Represent London and more at Trellick Towers, West London.

Nychos.East London Rooftop - 20/10/2010

Probs, Nychos, Vibes, Crome, Revert, InkFetish, Farm, Roa, Sowat.
Recent visits from international writers and some of London's finest have left some amazing work on a rooftop in East London.

KorpzOne. Graffiti - 18/10/2010

Eighties Conspiracy, Stiz, Hit, Jim, Gold Peg, Mighty Monkey, Fenza, Shu, Vibes, Nychos, Revert, Probs, KorpsOne.
Some great pieces found over the last week.

Tesco Bag, Banksy. Street Art - 18/10/2010

A new Banksy pops up and is covered over within 2 days in Southwark, meanwhile the Tesco Bag returns to Essex Road. Some great street works around London.

Shiz. Waterloo.Leake Street, Waterloo - 18/10/2010

Shiz, Rabbit Project, Robbo, Cruel, BRK, Type, Relay, Oreo...
Some great work in the Tunnel, now a haven for London Graffiti and Street Art, and various video makers...

Bang. ATG.Old Street - 18/10/2010

ATG Bang, Best Ever, Clepto, Plastic Bones, Tizer.
A newly opened car park near Old Street has provided access to some new walls under the East London Line.

Public Spirit.London Stickers - #002

*Site Update...
A new set of Stickers found around town. A recent spat on Boris' Barclays Bikes has been quite amusing.

Wallpaperer. Photo Credit: Nolionsinengland@Flickr.comBanksy vs Team Robbo

On 19/12/2009 Street Artist Banksy adapted a piece of Graffiti painted in 1985 by London Graffiti Pioneer Robbo. It was the catalyst for the ensuing 'turf war' between the two Artists...

Obey Slayed.Old Street - 05/10/2010

Mersh, Bosa, Fest, Peter, Peg, KGB, Space Invader, Eine...
A derelict garage in Clerkenwell has been gathering a few pieces, also a new Invader (for me) and 'Change' Street Art from Eine.

Temp32.Dalston - 02/10/2010

Temp32, Tope, Spat and Stik...
A car park in Dalston has recently acquired a great production piece by Temp and Tope.

Dasr.Hackney - 02/10/2010

Brisk, Dasr, Merc, Shye, Snatch, Ventza and Zaki...
A council estate in Hackney is home to some great work by some of London's finest.

Exhibition at POW.Street Sketchbook Journeys - 01/10/2010

Book Launch and Exhibition..
A great new book by Tristan Manco, published by Thames & Hudson. Some great work on show at Pictures on Walls.

Robbo on Canvas.Robbo at Pure Evil Gallery - 30/09/2010

Team Robbo Exhibition.
A large collection of new work By Team Robbo. Some great pieces on show at Pure Evil Gallery.

Borded Up!Graffiti Archive: Camden Road 2010

Bord, Sewda, Lone, ATG, Aser and Fenza.
An old burnt out hotel on Camden Road created a space for London writers to take over.

Foes.Graffiti Archive: Curtain Road - 2009

Foes, ATG, Snik, Cartrain, GSD and Arxs.
A small derelict old garage near Old Street provided a small corner for London writers.

Flava Flav.Trellick Tower and The Pit - 19/09/2010

Akt1, Petro and Siege. Spoza, Slam and more...
Some fresh painting and great technique at Trellick Tower. Picto and Trans1 at the Pit.

Bonzai.Curtain Road - 18/09/2010

Bonzai, Probs, O2, She1 and Revert.
EndoftheLines' walls on Curtain Road are reguarly painted by many great writers and Artists...


*Writers/Site Update...
Ahead of the game, ATG are all over London with some diverse styles, techniques and locations.

Mighty Monkey.Over 1000 images in LDN database!

*Search Update...
Over 1000 images now in the database. Use keywords to find images: Graffiti, Street Art, Sticker, Panorama, Character etc.

The Battle of Waterloo 2010.The Battle of Waterloo 2010

*Site Update...
The Battle of Waterloo was the meeting of 50 UK crews to challenge for the title for 2010 and £500! Excellent work by Chrome & Black.

Meeting of Styles 2010.The Meeting of Styles 2010

*Site Update...
MOS2010 (London) was an incredible event featuring great Artists and amazing artworks. Here are all the final pieces in their full glory!

The Joker.The Pit - 14/08/2010

AktOne, Das/Akobe, KeenOne, Part2ism, State of Art, Reka and Baps.
One of the Hall of Fames in West London. Some great work here, regularly painted...


*Site Update...
Type is the latest update to Graffiti Writers section. Types' Rollers are found all over London.

Public Spirit.Psalm / Public Spirit

*Site Update...
Public Spirit is the latest update to Sticker section. The unique 'drip' Stickers are found all over London.

Rooftop SignHackney Wicked - 31/07/2010

Busk, Xenz, Snoe, Cept, Seks, Dscreet, Run...
The annual festival of Art, Music, Food and Whatever. Great painting all around Hackney WIck.

Graffiti Kings.Graffiti Kings at Holloway Road - 25/07/2010

Blam, Brave, Team Robbo, Faunagraphic, Smug, Aztek, Dep...
Originally painted by Graffiti Kings and TML Stars, the boards were recently repainted.

Twesh.Stockwell - 21/06/2010

Bonzai, Corze, Estum, RT, Sares, Solo1, Twesh...
One of the best legal spots in London, Stockwell has some high walls which are regularly painted.

Andy Seize CharacterHackney and Parkland Walk - 19/06/2010

Andy Seize, Dasr, DMK, Robbo, Sares, Snoe, Tizer, Twesh...
Basketball courts in 2 council estates in Hackney and some great pieces from Parkland Walk.

Whale. Tufnell Park.Tufnell Park Estate - 11/04/2010

The walls have been painted with anti-vandal paint. One last comission was painted and preserved.

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