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Shoreditch - 18/04/21

Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers found in Shoreditch by Sub, 10Foot, Nigel, Halo, Oust, Ceos, Favela, Lozar, Move, Stik, Matt J Adams, Fat Cap Sprays, Vasko, Squarms, Koah, Abots, Sikez, Mear, Candie, Priest, Shook, Name, Nathan Bowen, NFA, Mr Mental Health, Space Invader, Why Reuben, Anna Laurini, Steve ESPO Powers, Krae, Helch, Tika, Dsep, Cazer, Alo, Dr D, Nerone, Arxs, SMO Crew, Morag Myerscough, Ghost Writers, Woskerski, Only, Hooked Blog, LDNGraffiti, Fuer, The Misfortune Teller, Eroik, Debug, Toas, Wendy, Nosf, Dr Gee, KamLaurene, Heato, Margaux Carpe, Wets, Eighties Consipracy, FinDAC, Stenandoli.
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