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Shoreditch - 17/01/21

Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers found in Highbury and other locations by Fusy, Onlys, Lozar, DRT London, Squarms, Fink 22, Many Faces, Jiver, Mr Mental Health, Suks, Intikvna, Shite, Spat, Zena, Brox, Lone, Sikez, Zonk, Eroik, Edit, Pablo Fiasco, Mos, Tizer, Emanuela Montorro, Relax, Mima, If, Mono, Noch, Help, David Speed, Keus, Loor, Nerone, PIC, Faum, Heato, Deams, Koin, Dr D, Vector Meldrew, JXC, SkyHigh, Traphouse, Koze, T32, Soeta.
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