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Shoreditch - 14/11/20

Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers found in Shoreditch by Lozar, DFN, Tuis, The Real Dill, Nates, Envol, Sleaf, Oust, Emsi, Dowt, Panik, Sense, Drawer, Please, Vasko, Slay, Steel, Jafo, Pablo Fiasco, Unify, Acros, Thrifty Boyz, BRK192, The Rolling People, Snoe, Cityzen Kane, Caz, KamLaurene, Stik, Ghost Writers, Sell Out, Nosf, Promesto, Nelius, Vaer, Nathan Bowen, Name, Faum, Heato, Dahkoh, Obae, Owed, Sub, Jet97, Esty, Banksy, WRH, Wise, Move, Fool, Mear, Shook, Eggs, Eroik, Artik, Donk, Sikez, Dsep, Rox, SMO Crew, Sepy, Aesop, Koze, Lupo, Cruts, Vade, Stae, Dr D.
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