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Shoreditch - 24/10/20

Street Art, Graffiti and Stickers found in Shoreditch and other locations by Woof Original, Osha, Add, Guess, Corazon, Fool, HDog, Josh tbe, Lozar, Alo, Hayden Kays, FlyingLeaps, Magda Archer, Morsa, NFA, 1UP, Qwert, Dowt, Sense, Mink, Lone, Jobs, Nigel, Silvio Alino, D7606, Neon Savage, Squarms, Dr D, City Kitty, Sikez, SMO Crew, Jet97, Sepy, Dsep, Rox, Victor Meldrew, D*Face, Helch, Artik, Atomic, PmntOwl, Sweet Heart, SubDude, JohnnyHowlClub, Yaya, Whatifier, Road Sign Dad, Mister Edwards, Pablo Fiasco, Ghost Writers, Sell Out, Crok, Faum, Sake, Heato, Nosf, Abuse, Loor, Side, Bam, DFN, WGS, Oker, Ofske, KamLaurene, Stik, Jam, Ders, Geak, Uclo, Slay, Access, Eggs, Deranged Elf, Apparan, Homo Riot, Uberfubs, VaneMG, Word to Mother, Inuk, Fosh, Sony, Ueya, Dan Kitchener, LDNGraffiti.
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