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Shoreditch - 17/07/20

Street Art, Graffiti and Stickers found in Shoreditch by Dan Kitchener, Sub, Milo Tchais, Stik, Vade, Face, Oust, Tony Boy, Frank Riot, Swae, Helch, Eggs, Apparan, The Inca Kid, Ikunaq, Banksy, Inkie, Nosf, Steve, Endless, Jimmy C, DRT London, Sam Kerridge, This, Brix, Edwin, 2Rise, Jim Vision, Matilda TD, Anna Laurini, The Postman Art, Broken Hartist, Neon Savage, City Kitty, Sketch Rat, Phude, Sell Out, RX Skulls, Jay Kaes, Alo, Road Sign Dad, Jonesy, Age 9, Criminal, Time, Please.
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