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Stoke Newington / Dalston - 07/07/20

Graffiti and Street Art found in Stamford Hill and other locations by Gold Peg, Magda Archer, FlyingLeaps, Hayz, Kush, Drax, Smog, Access, Mean, Touch, Zonk, Dscreet, Pad303, Kiki Street Art, Squarms, Pee Wee, Josh tbe, Sweet Toof, 123, Grit, Hurs, Mogs, Gerno, Soeta, DotMasters, ATG, Nigel, Lone, Fatso, Verse, Noch, Arson, Sofa, Four, Spie, Caspa, Diet, Sime, Sanke, Spore, Aser, ITS, Esty, Bam, Jet97, Charlie Hudson.
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