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Central London - 19/04/20

Street Art, Graffiti and Stickers found in Camden and other locations by Studio FPLO, Elno, Pixie, Carleen De Sozer, Jmoney, Spy, The Lurkers, Man, Helch, Bam, Icey, Slugz, Imok, Ons, Pug, Spore, Persy, 10Foot, Robert Montgomery, DotMasters, Mowcka, 4CE, Jobs, Traphouse, ATG, Hurs, Nathan Bowen, Harry Blackmore, Fatso, Jason, Attack On Icon, Panik, Dr Gee, Setup, Sepy, 2Rise, HDog, Noch, Deft, Time, Side, Luck, Owch, Sofa, Ofske, RL, Cosa, Obae, Don, Rice, Ryze, Gold Peg, Mighty Mo, KGuy, Zonk, Rans, Pegasus.
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