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East London - 03/03/20

Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers found in Shoreditch and other locations by Helch, TAR, This One, Eine, D*Face, Nat Has Herpes, Monstrocity London, Shepard Fairey, SMO, Hallidonto, Whatifier, Perishable Rush, Dr Cream, Sell Out, SubDude, I Need Money, Merioone, Tropidelia, Mowcka, Sweet Toof, Frank Riot, FT, Graffiti Life, Zelda Bomba, Trips and pieces, 12-B, Utility, Richie Brains, Stra, Luap, Swae, Sepy, Nigel, Time, Ofske, Ueya, Sony, Obae, Rope, Alo.
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