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Shoreditch - 25/11/19

Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers found in Shoreditch by Rezen, Bates, Inkie, Otto Schade, Oddo, Voxx Romana, D7606, Killa Rilla, Rider, Out There, J.Ace, Smote, Roan, Brix, Copson, Black Dove, The Postman Art, SubDude, Deranged Elf, MCLN, I Need Money, Inuk, Kolors, Pogo, Bees, Thierry Jaspart, N.dergrund, Wonkla, Stenandoli, Punkflamungo, Levveunlevvelosse, Tamoonz, Himbad, RX Skulls, Crux Works, Artstamp.DK, Daddy Street Fox, Bento Ghoul, My Dog Sighs, Zone, Sell Out.
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