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2014, a year of contrast

2014 has been a bouncy year for sure, with some great artwork, some personal achievements and some sad losses. For a change, I have compiled a selection of my photos, videos, events, and a few words. Rare I know, sorry in advance!

This is not an attempt to cover everything, just a personal selection. There is some exclusive stuff not published before and a selection of high-and-low-lights from London in 2014!

Here are 10 bits from the blog:

10 photos from 2014T32.

With so many to choose from it wasn't easy! Here's 10 of my favourite photos from the last year...

Stealing Banksy?Stealing Banksy?

In April, the Sincura Group held an unauthorised exhibition and 'auction' of a collection of original artworks by the street artist Banksy at the ME Hotel in London...

Seen at Opera Gallery LondonSeen.

SEEN 'The godfather of graffiti' held his solo exhibition at Opera Gallery in June. His collection of huge canvases based on the super heroes from old comic books were tremendous.

London Graffiti and Street Art by LDNGraffitiMy book!

In August 2013, Ebury Press invited me to compile a book of my photography, and then went and published it in July 2014!

London Jams in 2014SuperCrewPaintParty.

The Meeting of Styles, SuperCrewPaintPartySmashdown and Femme Fierce were among some of the events in 2014.

London Exhibitions in 2014Run.

There were many great exhibitions in 2014, I've picked out a memorable selection for various reasons, but there were many more great nights, and hopefully many more to come!

Creative CampaigningDjalu Gurruwiwi.

Australian street artist Adnate visited London to paint a portrait of Djalu Gurruwiwi and create awareness of the film project 'Baywara'.

Rest In Peace, All Lost Writers And ArtistsKing Robbo RIP.

Sadly, there are always losses...

The Future?Blu, Berlin.

The world of graffiti and street art seems to be ever changing and constantly evolving, the last year has been no exception.

LDN Mosaic 2014LDNGraffiti 2014.

462 photos from 4649 taken and posted on LDNGraffiti in 2014. The LDN image database now contains 24,000 photos uploaded since I started on 01/08/2010. Here's to 2015 and many more photographs!

Many thanks to all the talented and generous artists out there wherever you are and whatever you paint! Keep up the great work!

Sincere thanks to everyone for all your ongoing support and I wish you all the best for a positive 2015.

Joe, LDNGraffiti.

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