LDN Graffiti.

A day in the life of LDNGraffiti

The good folk over at @Nokia_UK have let me trial the new Nokia Lumia 930 and wireless charger. I thought I would see how I could fit it into my ventures out and about in London, documenting Graffiti, Street Art and more.

I simply put the Lumia 930 and wireless charger into my 'camera pouch', so it would charge the entire time they were coupled, as I cycle everywhere in London.

In one day I covered an approximate total distance of 27.43 miles. I made my 10am meeting, then took 240 photographs across London. By the time I got back home, after a very long day, I still had a full battery in the phone!

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It's comforting to know I have enough battery power to cover wherever I choose to go any day without any worry of losing power and missing photo opportunities...

The one thing I have learnt documenting street art, if you don't take the picture when you see it, next time you come back, IT WILL BE GONE! So don't miss it!

Here's a very small selection of the pics I took a long the way (just click them to enlarge). There's also links to the full blog posts of each area, all 170+ photos taken on the Lumia 930, except for the panoramas!

10:00 - Meeting, #WirelessCharging all the way!

12:10 - Stockwell Hall of Fame and Skate Park

13:30 - Leake Street Hall of Fame, Waterloo

15:00 - Trellick Tower, West London

17:00 - London Graffiti and Street Art

22:00 - Back home...

After a long day out and about working, cycling, taking photos, and I even managed to get to a great exhibition in East London, I was truly knackered by the time I got home, but impressively the Lumia 930 was still fully charged! Nice one Nokia, I hope I can keep it! ;{J

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