SmugOne creates 3D photorealistic street art in the heart of the London

Dairy giant Müller worked with world renowned street artist Smug who worked tirelessly over a weekend to create London’s largest ever example of 3 dimensional photo-realistic street art in the heart of the city of London.

3D photorealistic street art by SmugOne for Müller.[Click the pics for larger versions]

The 100 square meter installation was completed on Monday 31st October at 7am bringing a bit of wünder to the busy commute in Finsbury Avenue Square (Liverpool Street Station). The 3D graffiti artwork features iconic cartoon characters including Kitt, Yogi Bear, Mr Men and Muttley, who are all on a new career path after featuring in the latest Müller TV advert.

This type of work, called anamorphic art is a technique that uses mathematical continuation of perspective to give the illusion of depth and of three-dimensionality to the surface worked on. This was London’s first and largest piece of 3D photorealistic street art

Work in progress. SmugOne.Work in progress. SmugOne.SmugOne and Müller.3D photorealistic street art by SmugOne for Müller.3D photorealistic street art by SmugOne for Müller.

SmugOne interview by LDNGraffiti

LDNGraffiti had the opportunity to talk to Smug about the artwork for Müller and it's production in the City of London.

LDNGraffiti: You've just created London's largest example of 3D photo-realistic street art, over a weekend, in the heart of the city! Was the Müller project daunting to produce?

3D photorealistic street art by SmugOne for Müller.Smug: It wasn’t daunting but certainly a challenge as it was the first time that I had introduced 3d anamorphic design into my work. But It was a great test and even though it took longer than I anticipated it was worth the effort and I think the piece works really well.

How much preparation did it take?

Work in prgress. Bonzai and SmugOne.There was about a weeks worth of sketching and playing around with the angles and as the piece was spread between the floor and wall, I wanted to get the perspective exact. I also needed to make sure that all of the characters like Yogi Bear and the Mr Men were spot on as everyone knows them from their childhood.

Do you like working at this scale?

3D photorealistic street art by SmugOne for Müller.I love it! The bigger, the better for me. This piece was 10m x 10m and ideally I’d like to work on something ten times bigger in the future.

What inspired the hyper-realism & 3D you use in your work and did it take long to master?

I’ve been creating photo-realistic designs for the last five years but I get my kicks from a challenge so the bigger the challenge the more drive and motivation I get when I complete a piece that I’m happy with. I enjoy the learning curve of stretching my skills.

Car by SmugOne.Why Smug? Where do you come from & what got you into Graffiti?

I’m from Nowra in New South Wales, Australia. I first got into graffiti as a kid, hanging round at the skate parks and listening to Hip Hop. The name SMUG, I’m not sure where that came from. I probably had a dozen names that I used as I developed and SMUG just stuck.

You have amazing technique and style, characters, photo-realism, letters, canvas, the lot. What do you enjoy to paint most & where?

Character by SmugOne.I find painting letters the most enjoyable but when I paint characters I get the most satisfaction when I complete them to a standard I’m happy with.

What's your next piece?

I’m painting a Wall in Liverpool with my Crew, ‘Infamous Last Words’

...and what will you paint in 5 years?

Well 5 years is a long way off but I’m enjoying learning to paint bigger and better. What I need to concentrate on though is to learn how to paint faster as I’m so slow!

3D photorealistic street art by SmugOne for Müller.How many pots of Müller have you had in the last week?

Enough to get me through forty hours of painting this piece. If there was a Müller Caffeine, I might have been quicker!

Who do you next want to collaborate with and any shouts to crew?

I’m planning a trip around Australia, Asia and maybe the States so I’m hoping to paint with lots of people on the journey.

I’d like to give a shout out to the Crew, ‘Infamous Last Words’, DEAD, EPOK, BONZAI and KAK.

I’d also like to thank Kristian at and Müller for this project and giving me the opportunity to complete my first piece of 3d Photorealistic Graffiti.

3D photorealistic street art by SmugOne for Müller.

Thanks to everyone at Müller and Street Advertising Services and of course Smug, for all your time.