Step In The Arena 2011, Eindhoven

The largest international graffiti festival in the Netherlands took place on the 9th and 10th of July in Eindhoven. Some fantastic work was produced over 2 days. LDNGraffiti did it's best to cover the event, apologies for any pieces missed! Use the map to select a location and view photos from 'The Bearpit'.

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Writers include:

Fleks, Peral, Ox, Jake, Chess, Sel, Zedz, Gomer, Belin, Gever, Area, Storm, Pencil, Rota, Zeus, Opium, Aroe, Sicaz, Damn, Ogre, Moron, Sap, 2Hype, Gomad, MStyle, Mega, Nast, Jiroe, Skip FAD, Coma, ChuckOne, Zime, Sektie, Nychos, Pham, Sefr, Near, MataOne, Stein, Eau, Lempke, Pinwin, Elvis, Vasio, Hemp, Nesty, Sat One, Pojo, Dizer, Sick, Swet, Dater, Nash, Rusl, Tumki, Chas, Ozer, Biserama and many more.

'De Berenkuil'

The Netherlands are famous for their broad cycling lanes and their alternative cycling routes. 'De Berenkuil', 'The Bearpit', is a unique and open roundabout for cyclists underneath the main traffic ring of Eindhoven that allows cyclists to cross the ring without traffic lights or cars. On top of that, it's a well maintained and legal graffiti hall of fame. Something London can learn from!