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King Robbo Update - 26/04/2011

This statement has been released by 'The King Robbo Trust'.

As rumour, speculation and public comments regarding King Robbo circulate throughout the Art World and Graffiti grapevine, we would like to set the record straight by offering the following statement;

On April 2nd 2011 King Robbo sustained a serious life threatening head injury just 5 days prior to his current exhibition, 'Team Robbo - The Sell Out Tour' at the Signal Gallery, Shoreditch, London.

As a result he has not been available for comment or interviews.
He was also unable to show all of his intended new works at the current exhibition.

He is now out of the intensive care unit and making small but steady progress.

This has been an extremely difficult time for his family and close friends and we would like their privacy to be respected in light of the current situation.


"I love this spot. It is really dirty, grimy, London. Rats etc. It's what i'm about. I had to do this dub to balance the books, to cleanse my soul! The rest of the canal pieces were processed, I did this piece as a Writer, for my mates. This was real graffiti for me, it was sexy!". King Robbo, 2011.

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