LDN Graffiti.

London Tonight DVD

London Tonight DVD.London Tonight documents London graffiti, focusing on pieces painted on the London Underground System. It's hard to compare it to any other films out there as it truly sits in a class of it's own.

London writers have always been fiercely proud of the capitals scene and this has never before been documented on film, like it has been in London Tonight.

The film starts with old school bomber Check describing the early eighties graffiti scene and the formation of the vandal squad. London legends like Met, Slice and Faum talk about the famous writers bench at Covent Garden and the Chrome Angels.

Writers recount yard stories and reminisce on the work of infamous heads. There’s pieces by Fusion, Mace, DTB, Steas and DDS all running. Bombing from Sham, Ment and countless others as well as footage of insides, scratches and yard missions and it's all exclusive.

The Christmas section documents a famous take-over that most London writers will remember and some funny clips from the London news reports at the time.

It ends with a tribute to 3 writers no longer with us. A touching piece on Ozone and some really funny footage of Wants. This section is handled well, no doom and gloom but a straight up tribute.

London Tonight is for anyone who appreciates graffiti, whether you're in it or not.

View the trailer and get the DVD from VisionFilmsUK.com

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