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Ten years on, ten years strong!

Ten Years LDN!

Established 01/08/2010, Happy 10th Birthday LDN! ...Crikey… Who would have thought it eh? I certainly didn't. But here we are, ten years on and still going strong!

It has been a great experience to produce LDNGraffiti, and I've had some great times and met some great people along the way.

That's one thing I love about 'the scene', whatever it is… The PEOPLE. They are there, alive and kicking, open and communicating. Respect to them, for all their hard work being creative and doing what they do.

#SonOfLDNGraffiti and I thought it would be nice to pick one banging photo from each year. We quickly realised that would take forever as there's 65,860 photos now on the website… Maybe an exhibition one day... 🤔

For now, I've picked out some memorable graffiti, street art, and a few stickers published back in 2010. Humble beginnings may be... Anyway, have a browse, stay safe, and havagoodun!

London Graffiti – 2010

London Street Art – 2010

Graffiti Wars

The battle between Banksy and Robbo started in late December 2009, it was a catalyst for the ensuing 'turf war' between the two artists. Here's a brief recap of some of the 2010 pieces taken from the Banksy vs Team Robbo Timeline... Thanks to CitrusTopNoteJr and DaveNolions for their photo-input.

LDN Panoramas – 2010

Need to fix up my camera so I can take more... Did you buy the LDNGraffiti book yet? 😉

A lot has happened since then, for sure. I wanted to take an opportunity to thank TonyO for helping me build and publish #LDNGraffitiV1 back in 2010.

Huge thanks to Bram 'Ueffo' for consulting along the way, teaming up and collaborating on what is #LDNGraffitiV2. We hope you like it, it took us both some effort to accomplish!

Special big thanks to my son. His advice, assistance, and support over the years have helped shape LDNGraffiti into what it is. Cheers mate!

And thanks to YOU, for all your appreciation for LDNGraffiti!

We are #TeamLDNHere's to the future  Stay safe!