LDN Graffiti.

LIFE ON THE WALL from RTHK - (Part 2)

Part two of RTHK's new four-part TV documentary focusing on the Graffiti and Street Art movement around the world.

Covering Berlin, London, and Bristol, featuring; Gerald Schramm, Robert Schultz (Overkill), Clock, Juri Paderin, Richard Jones (Tangent Books), Simon Bos (Gravitywell), Hurricane Media, and err ...LDNGraffiti...

I had a great time working with the team from Fourparts production and they have put in huge effort to make a great documentary. Sincere thanks to Producer: Frankie Chung, Director: Mandrew Kwan, Camera-man: Meteor Cheung, and Sound-man: Victor Lam, Fourparts production.

The Team from Fourparts Production.


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