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Great Eastern Street to become 2012 art destination - 'The Wall'

Great Eastern Street by LDNGraffiti.

Plans for London’s ‘most public art gallery’ have been announced, with Great Eastern Street in East London being turned into a living outdoor art space for 2012.

The people behind Village Underground, are turning the gallery concept not just on it’s head, but inside out, to mark their fifth birthday. ‘The Wall’ gallery will showcase emerging, established and international artists throughout 2012 with bi-monthly exhibitions of mixed arts. Village Underground will collaborate with partners such as Moniker Projects who represent artists including Ben Eine and Matt Small.

Urban art, interactive, mix-media and other disciplines will all be screened on 4m x3m brick canvases on Great Eastern Street, which sees 10 million cars pass each year - more ‘visitors’ than the Tate, National Gallery and Barbican combined. International artists will also get their chance to exhibit in London by submitting their work to a creative panel.

The gallery will be publicly-funded via ‘crowd-funding’. The team behind the gallery concept are looking raise £20,000 through crowd-funding site, Kickstarter. People can pledge as little as £1 and can receive a variety of rewards for their support, including special artist workshops and limited edition artwork. The project has 55 days to raise the full amount.

The public will also get chance to purchase the limited edition works of art displayed at the gallery, with QR codes being applied to each of the works for passers-by to download and buy their favourite artwork. A retrospective year-in-view show will take place in December 2012 to celebrate the gallery.

To find out more and get involved in the gallery, go to:

Village Underground. Creative Inkling.